07.07.16 Stonehenge Crop Circle is the Chronicles of Han Storm Emblem!

Stonehenge Crop Circle is the Chronicles of Han Storm Emblem

Back in 2016 I was feeling down and disheartened, asking the Universe to please give me a sign. The next morning my husband told me to go look on the internet. A most amazing Crop Circle showed up next to Stonehenge, one of my favourite places.

Interesting thing is that this should be on 7 July 2016, which equates numberology to 777. Preserving Creata has 777 pages and the circle is the exact duplicate of the one used in the book on Limier which had been completed in 2015!

The crested moon also represents one of the main characters in the book.
This gave me hope to redouble my efforts to complete the book series.
Negotiating Limier is finally edited and will be released 2021.

More information on this crop circle can be found at the following links: