Han Storm’s World on Leilaka

Leilaka Map

Han Storm’s World on Leilaka:

As had been suggested by fans, herewith the easy reference chart of people, places and terminology used on Leilaka.

Person Relationship to Han (Krish), Description, [Meaning of name]

Han Storm Spiritual description: Very light skin, black hair, purple/violet eyes, slightly built, [Han – Gift from God] Cosmic Soul name: Hanuman
Krish Dameous: Han Storm’s Leilakan body, golden hair, amber eyes [Krish means Dark/black]

Arbodehien: Pastel Purple female energy, Han Storm’s friend/lover from his previous life

Ariëtte: Faery Queen, beautiful blond woman, changes appearance regularly [Eagle-Lion-Griffin]

Avreek: Dark-skinned Magi

Bajia: King of Gobajia

Berkmont: Greava’s father, blond hair and brown eyes, Elf, [Mountain Top] (Cosmic Name: Lord Brutrïum)

Bernine: Ishmay’s wife, blond hair, brown eyes, Elf

Braak: Advisor to King Lancet, tall, skinny, dark hair, dark eyes

Bru: Re-incarnation of Shaiho, Gobajia assassin, guard to King Bajia

Brutus: Freelance Huntsman/scout/guide/soldier, loyal to Connor, black hair/beard/eyes

Captain Brair: Eindstead Captain of Horsemen

Chilouw: Huracan Rider, dark hair/eyes, Elf

Connor: Fernlands Ambassador seen as Krish’ Legal Guardian, dark brown hair, icy blue eyes, greying beard [Strong-willed]

Dharfien: Telepathic Huracan Rider, blond hair , brown eyes, Elf

D’maé: King Dameous as he is known by the Gobajia people

Dora: Dwarf, wife of Hulm, Kaleb’s wetnurse

Doulos Anas: Rogue Lord, SlaveMaster/Lizard/Scale/Serpant

Dr Roger: Eindstead Healer, tall, grey haired

Drake: Fernlands Servant, caregiver, cook, brown hair/eyes, sandy beard

Dronier: Krish’s Uncle, Blond hair & watery blue eyes

Dugan: Fernlands Councillor, Royal Treasurer/Accountant

Elbien el Karan: Leader of the Bedien Tribes, Habieb’s father

Eminre: Han’s Bedien dagger [Trusted Friend]

Emmaceria: Floverne High Priestess, golden hair, brown eyes, Elf

Fenndora: Dwarf Rider, Hulm’s daughter, brown hair/eyes

Gabriella (Lovemore): Lady of Pleasure in Crosshaven

Ganzor: Ferrante Sheep [Steel Courage]

Gladien: Leader of the Glyden Elfes, dark hair/eyes, Elf

Glyden: Emmaceria’s Father, High Counsellor to Jamal, Elf

Gorrd: Earth Fea, Faery Guard, unkempt giant

G-ranté: Floverne High Advisor, brown hair & eyes, Elf

Greava: Huracan Rider, very blond hair, brown eyes, Female Elf

Habieb: Han’s best friend and confidant, Telepathic Huracan Rider, Bedien,
dark hair, eyes, skin [Beloved One]

Hadihachmoni: Cosmic Keeper of Matter and Antimatter [Wise leader guiding to the light] (Lord Rudra)

Heimrich: Mason, bulky man with gruff voice, dark hair and eyes, Fernlander

Heino: Lord Heino, Leader of the Arás Isle Elfes, dark hair and eyes, Elf Rider

Hludvech: Fernlands Resistance Leader, Brown hair/eyes [Famous Warrior]

Hulomuanji: Keeper of the Dead on Encha, Gaucomian Magi, Han’s friend from the Creata Adventures

Hulm: Dwarf Rider, Dora’s husband

Ishmay: Descendent of Jamal, black hair & dark eyes [God listens], Elf

Jade: Han Storm’s beloved wife from his previous life, Puppet body for Lumox, black hair, golden skin, feline green eyes

Jamal: Head Emperor of the Elfes, brown hair and eyes (Ioudas)

Judya: Elf, black hair & dark eyes

Kaleb: Han’s first born son, red hair, amber eyes [faithful, bold]

Kaliel: Sword of Jamal, Han’s ‘magic’ sword [one who works for the king]

King Lancet: King of Southern Regions, red hair & brown eyes

Krish Dameous: Prince of Fernlands, golden hair & amber eyes (Han’s body)

Krishten: Han’s Daughter, black hair & green-yellow eyes

Kūrush: Prince of Floverne, Ishmay’s son, Kaleb’s friend, dark hair and eyes [Far-sighted]

Lance: Habieb’s Huracan, Moira’s Mate, bright blue with darker points

Lavan: Wolfsbain Dog, grey-blue in colour looks like Deerhound [Beauty/Grace]

Lucas: Dwarf, Hulm’s son, Kaleb’s friend

Lumox: Leader in Higher Worlds, Jade’s Overself, Portrays himself either as a Druid or a local Chlophilian plant person

Makor: Merrykara’s brother, red hair & brown eyes [Blessed, happy]

Malakay: Masegaria Leader, Angelic Being in Human Form [Angel Messenger] Dark hair, eyes

Malakegh: Merrykara’s youngest brother, red hair & brown eyes [Angelic Messenger]

Maltha: Fionn Sheep [to soften or soothe]

Marracan: Thomas’ Huracan, Moira’s youngest son, dull sea-green [bitter soul]

Marshall: Han’s friend, red hair, freckled face, brown eyes [horsemaster]

Master Craig: Eindstead Keeper/General for Horsemen, grey hair, hawk-like eyes

Merrykara: King Lancet’s Daughter, Han’s wife, red hair & green eyes

Merzuk: Windshine & Ravenstar’s black colt [a gift from The Creator]

Mirriam: Han’s daughter with the Faery Queen, Golden curls, blue eyes [Strong-willed, wished for]

Moira: Han’s dragon – green – [Exceptional]

Mother Delphi: Oracle of Gobajia, Almond eyes, metallic sheen to golden-hued skin

Muriëlle: Greava’s real name [Morning Light]

Nintika: Princess of Gobajia, black hair, dark eyes

Prahava: Merchant from Hobaxian, Dark skin and eyes, Blak hair, [Wind or Air]

Ragghwaart: Huracan Master, white hair & brown eyes, Elf

Raico: Healer Elf, Black hair & dark eyes

Raman: Ragghwaart’s Huracan, Moira’s father, green

Ravenstar: Habieb’s black Bedien mare

Reif: Han’s Dwarf Physician, brown hair/eyes, Puppet body for Lumox

Rhodia: Kaleb’s Dwarf babysitter

Samual: Huracan Rider, very blond hair, soft dreamy brown eyes, Elf

Seargeant Swifft: Eindstead sergeant of Horsemen

Shaiho: Han’s adopted father from another lifetime lived not on Leilaka

Sigufrid: Han’s Elfen battle-sword made from Pangi metal [Victory Peace]

Sprungh: Original Floverne Huracan Master, brown hair/eyes, Elf

Strongclaw: Han’s black Raven friend

Tassius: Messenger Elf, black hair, dark eyes, Elf [Silent]

Thomas: Han’s youngest son, red hair & amber eyes [Twin]

Tornique: Krishten’s Huracan, Moira’s daughter, indigo with black points & yellow neck [band of twisted metal]

Windshine: Han’s black Bedien battle stallion

Zeddan: Kaleb’s Huracan, Moira’s eldest son, brilliant green [to build or create]

Crosshaven: King Lancet’s Castle, Capital of Southern Regions
Calydicou: Small country, further North than Masegaria, beyond the lands of the Trolls
Eindstead: Borderlands Castle protecting King Lancet’s Lands from the North
Elfs Wood: Magical forest surrounding Hannahushah (inland)
Elms Wood: Magical forest surrounding Floverne (on shoreline)
Elwood of Jamal: Jamal’s descendant’s home in Glyden – entry-way to other dimensions
Euphranor: Name of the Universe in which Han finds himself [To Delight]
Fernlands: King Dameous’ LANDS and name of his main Castle
Floverne: Lost Elfen City on edge of South Sea in Elms Wood
Ganzora: Ancient Facility at Longhorn [Courageous Steel]
Glyden: Palace inside the crevice in the middle of Elfs Wood
Gobajia: Eastern Country with yellowish skinned people
Hannahushah: Leilakan Portal City, known as the Holy Place by the Elfes [Favour, Grace, Dawn, Swift Holding Peace]
Hobaxian: Pronounced Hobajian, Far Eastern Country with various races of man
Karan Desert: area between King Lancet’s lands and Floverne
Langdern: Fernlands Port City at the Wetlands
Leilaka: Seeding Planet located in the Universe of Euphranor, [Dark Beauty]
Longhorn: King Dameous Summer Castle, fall under Fernlands Rule
Paleidra: Vibrational worlds similar to Pleiades & Paleidia in other Universes
Masegaria: Country North of Fernlands – before you get the Troll country [to chew or turn over in the mind]
Navinasha: New City bordering Floverne, [New Hope]

Aja: Brown Rice
Anamnestic: Cosmic Teacher, Cosmic Reminder
Angragi: Large ferocious deer [Terrible Evil Spirit]
Arás: Giant Eagles
Azim: To Protect’
Bedien Nation: Human Tribes living mostly in the dryer regions, usually darker skin, hair & eye colouring
Chemicalization: Healing Crisis, when a situation becomes worse before becoming better and then stabilizing, a state of adjustment
Clairsentience: The gift of having visions upon touching something
Cudrl: Hideous, foul-smelling black blobs of death & destruction, the Dark Lord’s soldiers, originally from another dimension of Leilaka
Darshan: To look upon, visualize, receive a vision, or to see spiritually or physically, that which represents divinity.
Death-talker: psychic/medium
Drishti Berries: Berries of a magical plant from the Fae worlds, looks like dark purple grapes, enhances psychic gifts [Sight]
Earth Faye: Elemental Race
Elemental Individual: A caregiver of the natural world; a person, entity or spirit that is bound to serve within the natural elements of earth, fire, water and air
Elfen Nation: Faed People with delicate features and small pointed ears, can intermingle with human blood
Elms: Magical metal of unknown origin containing Cosmic powers
Elwood: Tree person, keepers of the magical forests, similar to Enntes
Faed: Ancient Elfen / Ancient Altneght
Faeid: Common term for someone who knows, visits or communicates with the Faery Kingdoms
Faery Nation: Extensive range of Entities blessed with magical powers, living primarily in another Dimension of Leilaka
Faye: Faery Race Large Faery People, some have the gift of shape-shifting
Ferranté: ‘Steelwool’ Sheep – wool & hide used to make light armoured clothing as well as utility items such as boots, saddles and coats
Fionn: Silky White Sheep – wool used for spinning material
Gjin: Common language for the Far Eastern regions
Glat: Leilakan gold currency
Horse-whisperer: Animal Telepathic communicator
Huracan: Water or Sea Dragon
Huracanet: Baby and juvenile Huracan
Java: Coffee
Javorda: Chocolate
Ladona: Earth Dragon
Lila: Play, Dance or Flow
Ovis: Sheep
Prana: Life Force, Source Energy
Ranuncula Flowers: Poppy-like red flowers from wich Reif made the red syrup – opium
Sylphide: Air Faeries
Tiamat: Living Spacecraft, looks like a brown clam with tentacles
Typhoeus: Multi-headed Fire Dragon
Vaishya: An Overseer for the dispersing of the Emperor of Hobaxian’s property or Provinces’ goods
Vasundhara: Seedbearer [possessor of wealth]

Han – Moira, green female Huracan
Habieb – Lance, blue male Huracan
Samual – Yarod, dark green male Huracan
Ragghwaart – Raman, deep sea-green, aged male Huracan
Dharfien – Lotice, blue-green, male Huracan
Chilouw – Bhaghat, see-green, male Huracan
Greava – Minstril, light pearl/yellow with orange tinges, female Huracan
Kaleb – Zeddan, brilliant green, male Huracan
Krishten – Tornique, indigo/black, female Huracan
Thomas – Marracan, dull sea-green, male Huracan
Hulm – Vlen, dull sea-green with orange belly, throat and legs, male
Berkmont – Huge blue male Huracan
Heino – Huge indigo blue male Huracan
Tassius – Megairo, green male Huracan [To Grudge]


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