Sovereign Dohr

Sovereign Dōhr

(Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han: #11)
by H. Gibson (Goodreads Author)

“Being linked to every spark of intelligent life within my Universe is to know the content within the hearts and minds of mankind. This is the way of the Navigator. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . ”

Han Storm continues his duty in opening planets for his people while constantly having to adjust and change to survive.

“I drank in the quiet of the night, the purity of this place that had absolutely no human on it.
I did not count. I did not consider myself human any longer.
“*It is not good for you to dally here too long. You will lose your nerve to go back, wishing for things that can never be. Do not torture yourself. Leave this place for the humans that need it. It is why you are opening it for them.*”
I sighed. Duek was right. I could only marvel at this unspoilt planet that was to be given over to the destructive ways of humans. For the sake of living life in its many adventures, its many forms of emotional experiences.
I hated myself for destroying this pure world. It felt as if I was betraying Dōhr. Yet her Guardian was excited to be able to serve human entities again.
Concentrating on Duback, I set my jaw, burying the heartache for this unspoilt wilderness that was not going to be thus for much longer, and jumped for home.”

Part 11
Sovereign Dõhr Excerpt.

*** One ***“

What have they done to you?” a loving voice from a seemingly distant past asked me.

I heard the door close behind her, the rustling of her dress as she approached where I was sunning myself in the first rays of sunshine to hit this area of Solerno, one of Morleno’s smaller sister planets.

Staring out of the triple glazed window, one could see the heat waves already starting to play over the dust plains. Only one of the shutter panels was open, the rest of the room thrown into darkness.

I saw as she saw . . . A skeletal figure curled up in a comforter chair, bony knees drawn close to his body so that his chin could have a support for the too-heavy head. It seemed as if the chair was the only area drenched in light . . .

“Han?” she softly spoke to me, blocking out my morning sun, taking my chin in her hand to turn my face up to her.

Our eyes met and I could not help but share the grief, heartache and loneliness I have felt all these long months of separation.

She embraced me, hugging me tight to her body that had grown plump from inactivity. Her softness eased some of my discomfort. Her motherliness and love flowed from her aura into my depleted one.

She allowed it for a while, then backed away, closing herself from my constant need for energy.

The sun separated itself from the horizon, its white light blinding through the glass, casting rainbows all over the darkness of my prison walls.

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