Engaging Chlophilia

Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han: Part 14 – Engaging Chlophilia
Published 27.12.2022

Engaging Chlophilia eBook PART 14
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Whilst The Cosmos is the playing ground for endless variety, survival of the Self will be the nature of physical life.
When foreigners meet, sparks might fly when ego and prejudice are revealed.
I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

“Damnation to all of you!” I cursed them in Ancient Altneght. Grabbing hold of my arms with my hands, I hugged myself to try and stop the feeling of being on fire from exploding everywhere.
“Hold him!” Panam warned, looking accusingly up at Major Heraldt.
Aquil stationed himself behind me, lifting me into a sitting position, restraining my arms and torso.
Kin-Allan knelt down on my legs so I should not kick out.
“Has your condition to do with the alien ship we almost collided with?” James inquired, squatting down in front of me so he could watch my eyes.
I nodded, managing to put a word to the motion that sounded like a hiss rather than a ‘yes’.
“Who are they?” he asked the next question.
“Vitisra. Masters of Travel” I managed to croak at him, pain coursing through my being, making me pull at Aquil’s arms.
Kin-Allan received an involuntary kick. He hung on bravely to the leg, forcing it down to sit squarely on both of them, preventing either of us from coming to harm.
“What do they want?” James wanted to know, leaning forward to hear my reply.
“Me . . . !” I screamed in agony.
“Please!” Panam begged, a syringe in his hands. “They’ve left. The threat is over.”
“Will they return?” James insisted to know.
“I do not know” I panted at him, hanging my head, too exhausted to care any longer.
Panam pointed at me. “He is your concern now.”
James stood up, giving the go-ahead with a nod of his head.
Panam found another vein, injecting a cold-feeling substance that immediately soothed the burning inside of me.
“Prepare for entry . . . ” I heard James instruct the crew as darkness enveloped me . . .

– Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han: Creata Adventure: Part 14 Engaging Chlophilia

To all who have asked to share in more of Han’s adventures.

Please be aware that this is not a stand-alone chronicle, but the subsequent adventures as experienced by Han.
Readers who are not familiar with The Chronicles of Han are advised to refer back to the original books if necessary, as well as to the updated sections in the back of this book.


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Book History

Completion date: October 2016

Release Date: 27.12.2022

Words: Approximately 143,000

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-928471-30-1 Engaging Chlophilia: Part 14
ISBN eBook: 978-1-928471-31-8 Engaging Chlophilia: Part 14

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