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(Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han: Blog Booklet)
by H. Gibson (Goodreads Author)

Past Life Memories Revealed
The Chronicles of Han bring people a glimpse into other ways of being, other ways of experiencing.
A lot of people that read The Chronicles of Han come back to me, stating that they are familiar with some of the content within the books and that the interaction between life in physical and spiritual form suddenly make a lot more sense.
It was not my original intention to allow people to grow and heal through reading The Chronicles of Han. I started to write the books to heal myself. By simply retelling my lives from so long ago, they suddenly exploded into proper books. My husband and a host of fans cannot wait to read the rest of my retellings, finding it extremely exciting narratives.
The Chronicles of Han depicts my journey in growing into who I am at the moment.
All I can say is that I am more content now than ever before upon a physical world, knowing that when I leave, no physical experience that happened here is of importance, only the emotional experiences and how I have chosen to deal with it.
I can only write from my own individual experiences. Experiences that seem to be incredulous, yet it is healing so many Soul-Spirits on Earth.
Han Gibson, 2011

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(Note: The Chronicles of Han is published by Healing Oil Products / Facets Belize)

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Note from Author:

Although placed under ‘normal’ book genres, these are “Real Life Past Life Channelled Autobiographies”. Some readers have been found to refer to the books as esoteric/spiritual manuals, where others enjoy them as the Adventurous Narratives that they are. Originally named ‘Journeys of a Psychic’, for marketing reasons the books were renamed to ‘Chronicles of Han’.

Other subjects include: #NDE #PastLife #Telepathy #Consciousness #Existential #AstralProjection #OBE #Multidimensional
Mysticism, other religions, ancient practices and sacred texts, inspirational, personal growth


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