Reclaiming Duback -

Reclaiming Duback

(Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han: Creata Trilogy #2)
by H. Gibson (Goodreads Author)

“There are so many experiences one faces by oneself. These experiences are the hidden events that complete life in-between living within the physical. The little things that are not meant to be shared with physical entities. The secret happenings within your deepest Self. These are my experiences I did not originally want to share with this World. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . ” – Han Storm

The Chronicles of Han, Reclaiming of Duback, is the conclusion to Book 1 and a continuation of the adventures of Han Storm, an extraordinary psychic. Join Han in this relentless, non-stop, fast-paced adventure in securing a new Planetary Home Base for his people. This volume includes the ‘Who-is-Who’ in Han’s World!

(Note: The Chronicles of Han is published by Healing Oil Products / Facets Belize)

Reclaiming Duback Part 8 eBook
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