A Collaboration of Overselves

The Puppet Master’s Secret

by Cathy Mc Donald

As Kate battles her OverSelf’s control to find a reason to live, any reason, she has to rewrite her history, along the way exposing Cosmic truths and eventually, her Master’s secret.

“Cyrano was doing that thing he does whenever he is highly amused and tries to make sure that the ridiculousness of one of her suggestions is pointedly driven home. He bobbed and dipped and jiggled with a huge smile on his face, his emoji-like eyes closed tight in sheer mirth.
‘Telling humans about fractals? In a book? Are you seriously concerned about anybody believing a word of what you’re saying?’ Cyrano managed to get the words out in between the giggles.
He had a point. For example, if she told anyone about her regular chats with a round, rude ball of energy with a bad attitude, that would be the end of her reputation.

The mystery of Kate’s past unfolds as she finds clues to her truth while allowing the puzzle pieces of her life’s pattern to fall into place. Is there a beautiful balance in the strange events that shaped her into what she needed to become to step into a destiny beckoning to her from a distance?

When information threatens to overwhelm her like a tsunami thundering onto the coastline of an island much too small to handle its onslaught, Kate holds on to hope – the only weapon available to protect her sanity. But who is behind the powerful influence that seems to be present in every aspect of her life?

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READERS’ RESPONSE on The Puppet Master’s Secret

This awesome story hooked me from the start. Cyrano’s emoji-like character allows one to immediately create a picture and follow the story. I could identify with Kate and make her struggles my own. The book has something to offer for everyone, whether it brings them perspective, or a simple appreciation of their own life experience in comparison.
–           Shaun, Energy Healer

The main character’s personal journey made me look deeper. This story brings about a growth process for every being. A must read!
–           Annette, Beautician and Artist

This book is thought provoking and makes one aware of one’s authentic self. The cover of the book is absolutely brilliant – mysterious as well as charming. Bringing out the true self as opposed to the masks we wear daily.
–           Shireen, Spiritual Adventurer

What a very brave journey Kate had. Thank you so much for sharing her story with us. I could not stop reading.
–           Mariëtte, Lawyer

A thought provoking read sharing special insights and wisdom that touches deeply if you allow yourself to question. Be it fact or fiction, it is a must read if you are ready for a deep dive that will change the way you look at life and love and everything in between.
–           Inalize, Holistic Healer and Transformation Coach

I experienced this book as an astonishing story bravely written to reveal a brutal hidden truth. The book has an energy and reading it can initiate a search for the truth of a very different reality for those who are willing and strong enough to leave old beliefs behind. Thanks for sharing the story of this journey with the universe.
–           Suzette, Artist

This book is a must read. It is very well written for those who know … for those who think they know, and for those who do not yet know! Join us on this journey of Souls and Fractals!
–           Lolli, Businesswoman

Recommended reading:

Choosing to Heal: A Journey through Time into Eternity and Back
by Cathy Mc Donald

The author takes the reader on a colourful journey to her past lives in places like ancient Egypt, Japan and medieval England, revealing all she needed to heal her current life.

READERS’ RESPONSE on Choosing to Heal

– What an experience!! I will read it again and again.

– I am overwhelmed by your book! It is sooo amazing! And thank goodness, I now know that I am not crazy! All my dreams as a little girl makes so much sense now. Thank you that you were prepared to share your journey with everyone. I enjoyed every page and made notes so that I can refer back to it!

– I just finished reading your mind blowing journey. Amazing stuff.

– I just finished your incredible book. It is absolutely mind blowing!!!! I was impressed by your deep regressions and the accuracy of what is coming to you. Also very impressed by you and your ability to face harshness. You are a very talented writer. Well done.

– My husband and I have both read and enjoyed your book thoroughly. Wow, what an incredible journey you have been on. I take a huge amount of comfort from many of the words in your book, which I feel have really helped me “grow” in terms of how I am thinking about and handling issues.

– I have read your book and found it informative and honestly enjoyed every page. It also gave me some insight in regards to my past lives.

– I have read CHOOSING TO HEAL for the second time … and I found ‘things’ in your book that I’d totally missed the first time round. This happens to me all the time. I guess that’s what happens when we read any of these deep and profound books on Spirit and Enlightenment. One gets what is needed at that moment. Something hit home hard … right in the middle of the chest. Pages 324 – 325…
… “I have learned three important things along the way.” And then you list those 3 important things … respecting others, the attitude of gratitude, and true forgiveness.
The rest of your book is certainly meaningful, and I realize that it will take many readings before I ‘get’ the magnificence of the whole book

– I’m sure this will be one of many e-mails you’ll receive once people have read your wonderful book. I’m trying to read about six books at the moment but I couldn’t put yours down, it was so exciting and inspiring.
It’s one of those books that you think about for a long time after reading and which has a positive influence on your life in general.
I love your honesty, vulnerability and openness, my life experience has been different from yours, but I could relate to so much of what you said. After endless searching, I’ve also felt such utter disappointment and disillusionment and that maybe there’s something wrong with me or I’m just not really getting it as other people do, because I struggle to connect, have faith or believe in anything although I desperately want to.
Your sharing has given me renewed hope and inspired me to carry on trying and working and not to let past hurts and disappointments hold me back.
I admire the unwavering devotion and dedication you have to your spiritual work and following your path. Like you said in your radio interview, often self-help books make it all sound so easy and it may be that way for some, but I think for most of us it requires a huge amount of courage, strength and hard work. Your book illustrates how this is done which is very different to any other book I’ve read.
The way you face all your demons head on and don’t stop until you’ve resolved an issue is truly admirable.
There is so much I could say about your book, all the insights it has given me and how it touched me in so many ways, it truly is a gift and an inspiration.

New release (August 2023):

Magical, Mystical, Miracle Life: It just is, by Cathy Mc Donald

What do we see when we observe life? Do we allow it to pass us by unnoticed, or do we take note of the wisdom held within the petals of a rose, from when the rose buds to when the petals begin to fall? This collection of blogs is an observation of the dynamics of ordinary happenings in the lives of humans doing their best, just trying to be what the moment asks of them.

“Life is nestled in the small things; in understanding how weeds fit into the picture, and in talking to the trees.” – from ‘The Puppet Master’s Secret’, by Cathy Mc Donald