The Chronicles of Han Storm By H Gibson
     Loosely categorized as real life past life adventures enhanced with
     metaphysical/paranormal undertones, a good dash of romance and a
     sprinkle of horror (or step-by-step esoteric guide manuals) . . .
     If you love Avatar, The Matrix, Dune, Stargate or LotR, these books will
     suite you.
     “It was not my original intention for people to grow and heal through
     reading The Chronicles of Han. I started to write the books to heal myself.
     My husband and a host of fans cannot wait to read the rest of my retellings,
     finding it extremely exciting stories.”
     -H Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han Storm.
  • The Chronicles of Han, Creata adventure. Han Storm awakens onto himself, remembering his past lives on Creata and other planets. These memories assist, hinder and haunt him while he learns how to cope being turned into a navigation tool for his people to be able to move off-world.
    #pastlives #reincarnation #psychic #esoteric #paranormal #spaceopera #adventure #romance


  • The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka adventure. 400 years after the Creata Adventure started, Han Storm wakes up in an unfamiliar world in the body of a child. “Juggling a wife, a lover, a she-dragon and a more than loyal friend, does not leave much time for kingly duties. Meet Han Storm, aka King Krish Dameous, ruler of Leilaka.”
    #pastlives #reincarnation #psychic #esoteric #paranormal #dragonriders #EpicFantasy #romance #adventure


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