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Leilaka: Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han: (Leilaka, #1)
by H. Gibson (Goodreads Author)

“Leilaka! Birth place of physical experiences. Seeding Planet for Creation. Some will say a work of fantasy. I beg to differ. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .”-Han Storm

Leilaka is a brand new adventure following on 400 years after the lifetime of Han Storm from the Creata Adventures. After saving the people of his planet by opening interstellar travel for them, our intrepid hero, Han Storm, is imprisoned in criostasis as he is deemed a threat to the power of the Creata Migration Committee. Han eventually wakes up, finding himself without a memory of who he truly is, where he is, or what he should be doing in a strange new world filled with dragon riders, troll-like creatures, elves and other strange beings.

Leilaka, Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-6-0
Leilaka, E-Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-7-7
Approximately 12 hours of entertainment (Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Metaphysical, Adventure, Romance, Drama)

(Note: The Chronicles of Han is published by Healing Oil Products / Facets Belize)

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