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Therapy Chickens from The Chronicles of Han

As with all therapy animals, chickens can be trained to instill peace, harmony and contentment in humans.

Our chickens are bred by ourselves and those with the correct temperament are specifically trained as emotional support animals.

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We now offer the following sessions with our chickens:

Play ($12-50 USD per 30 min session) - a hand's on experience in interacting with the flock or individual birds, from huge adults to tiny chicks (children welcome)

Meditate ($12-50 USD per 30 min session) - bring your yoga mat or a carpet and come and meditate with a miniature chicken roosting on your head, heart or tummy. A unique experience with surprising results.  

Healing ($25 USD per 30 min session) - an intense energy/Reiki healing session with lovely Luna

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact WA Ronald on +501 633 4284

 chickens Luna therapy chicken 1 Luna, our Reiki chicken

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