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Would you like to contribute and assist in sponsoring an author who is behind on getting her books out (readers have been waiting 2 years for the next book)?

Would you like to join in the mass sale of ebook sets currently on special at US$35 (you get more than a million words of reading excitement)?

The goal is to reach US$24,000 to complete the editing of the next 2 books of which one will be forwarded to you in ebook as soon as it is released.

US$35 to PayPal, or Swift to my Bank Account.
ebooks are emailed to the contributor and they will receive the next release for free as soon as it is available.
5 x ebooks (more than 600 pages each) *
1 x ebook next edition sent when released.

*You may purchase as a gift for a friend and I'll email the 5 books direct to them and the extra book to you as soon as it has been released.

All donations welcome. Make use of the PayPal Donation button above or purchase the books below, alternatively
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further enquiries or banking details.

Thanks in advance

Han Gibson
Author, Chronicles of Han

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