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"I've thoroughly enjoyed Preserving Creata. Your work is super inspiring, wakes me up from the inside out!" - Quintin Song, RSA 19.06.2019

"Finished your first book. Well done. Looks like a movie. Have you seen the movie Dr. Strange? It's remarkably resonant." Cynthia Mantel, 08.05.2019 


JEGibson's Reviews > Preserving Creata May 29, 2019mazing

I think it's a very educational and thrilling book, and if a fifteen year old reads this you know it's good.

I have quite a small attention span, but I can't put this book down and have to get all the next ones, so far I've read four and they make me want and NEED to read the next book.


JEGibson's Reviews
 > Reclaiming of Duback 
May 29, 2019

itsI really enjoyed this book, not only the adventure, thrill and danger, but all the unique animals like our own, I won't add spoilers on what they look, or sound like, you'll have to read it yourself.

There's so many amazing scenes to imagine, it makes me feel like I'm in the book.


JEGibson's Reviews > Taming Encha May 29, 2019

This book gave me bad anxiety on what will happen next, there were so many emotions going on within me while reading this book, I felt like crying with all the heartache, jumping for joy with the love and passion, and ripping James' head off at times.

I love this book series and the author.
And her personal feedback on meanings and how to say the names were very educational and helpful.
These books made me see the world differently..... and not want to touch another book.


JEGibson's Reviews > Sovereign Dōhr May 29, 2019

This book was quite short and took me a week to read but I wish I read slower, now I'm DYING for the next book.

This book made me want to work harder, and achieve more than what I do, the caring nature of most on Hans crew makes me so heartwarmed I desire that love..... and annoyed my sister with hugs.
I hate having to wait for the next book, I feel I NEED the next one ASAP!
And I think not only does this book and book series change how people see things but hear and feel too, it makes a change in people, or at least me, it's a nice change, I feel positive, and loving, at times lazy but then a blast of energy, and I love and embrace this change.
Thank you Han Gibson for these blessings of books.


Part 2 Preserving Creata THUMBNAILS resize Goodreads Review 10 February 2019 by Bhakta-Anjana


I have finally finished reading the revised Part 2! 

What sweet memories it brought back!

I remember when reading it the first time round [in the complete Book 1] I was still very new at The Chronicles ...

and as I read this revised version I thought how clever it is keeping this section completely separate

 - the 'love-affair' between Han and Mara should be a story sitting on it's own

- it's beautiful, very sweet and innocent and pure, exactly as true love should be

- it's about the meeting of two equally matched lovers

- the perfect partnership! Each of the romantic partners are teachers, teaching the other about love and 'Spirit' ..... !

I am impressed at the easy read - you did this perfectly, Beloved, and having 'Higher Education' as a separate book [because this is a very big step forward for Han Storm, and very much part of his High Lord 'education' ] points this out and highlights Han's higher education!

As I was reading page 134, I had a thought waft through my little brain cells = it is the section where Racewater and Panam and Han make up this 3-man team in the separate unit - and as I read this, I thought, "Ag shame, they are all so young and have no idea what lies ahead .... !"




Note from Editor: January 2017 "I am so proud of Han. She's come a long way since these humble beginnings and each book is better than the previous. Her writing style has matured with constant new surprises, the plot is elaborate, the characters refined and somehow becomes ingrained into the reader. I can not wait for the two new books to be launched!"  

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Comments from psychic about Chronicles of Han - H Gibson 16 September 2017

Received via Email 13.06.2016 (Translation further down)

Ons is besig om die tweede boek “Reclaiming of Duback” in die reeks, “The Chronicles of Han Storm” te lees en beveel hierdie reeks ten sterkste aan vir almal wat graag iets interessants wil lees.

Wat ‘n opwindende ondervinding . . . Van die begin van die eerste boek af!

Elke oomblik gebeur iets interessants en onverwags. Die vertelling lees soos ‘n storieboek wat mens net nie kan neersit nie.

Dis wonderlik om deel te wees van al Han se avonture en ervaringe, en vir ons het dit ‘n fantastiese insig in die Heelal gegee. Om te weet Planeet Aarde is net een van miljoene ander planete, en dat die ruimte vol van lewende wesens is, is asemrowend. “Star Wars” en die ander DVD’s oor die ruimte het skielik vir ons twee meer betekenis gekry en maak meer sin.

Ons ervaar hierdie fantastiese bo-natuurlike terugvoering van Han Storm as werklik. Ons twee vereenselwig onsself daarmee en aanvaar hierdie inligting. Met herhalende lees, ontvang ons baie bruikbare kennis wat ons in ons lewens toepas.

Om meer agtergrond van Han Storm en haar boeke te kry en beter te verstaan, sal dit lesers baie help om eers die “Collection of Public Blogs 1 – 52” te lees.

Baie dankie Han, dat jy jou lewenservaringe op hierdie opwindende wyse met ons deel.

Ons eer en respekteer jou vir wie jy werklik is.

Baie Liefde,

Johan en Annamarie Moller 


We are reading the second book “Reclaiming of Duback”, in the “Chronicles of Han Storm” series and strongly recommend this series to all who want to read something interesting.

What an exciting experience . . . Right from the start of the first book! Every moment something interesting and unexpected happens. The telling of this incredible narrative makes it impossible to stop reading.

It is enthralling to be part of Han’s experiences and it gave us a fantastic insight into the Universe. To know that Planet Earth is just one of millions of other planets, and that space is full of living entities, leaves us breathless. “Star Wars” and other DVD’s about space suddenly have more meaning to the two of us and make more sense. We experience this fantastic supernatural feedback of Han as real and can identify with it. With repeated reading we receive lots of useful knowledge which we apply in our lives.

To gain more background and understanding about Han Storm and her books, it is advisable that readers would benefit a lot by first reading the “Collection of Public Blogs 1 – 52”.

Thank you very much, Han, for sharing your life experiences with us in this exciting way.

We honour and respect you for whom you really are.

Lots of Love,

Johan en Annamarie Moller

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Bhakta-Anjana Hanuman

Bhakta Anjana

Oct 2, 2016

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. You have to follow your heart and when a jewel is found, covet it. Slowly, slowly the amazing story of the pre-history of a beloved guru is unfolding. I read, I see, I pick up the connections from past to current and I rejoice in the excitement of being part of it all.


Yvonne MartinThis is such an amazing book! Half way through and loving it. So what I believe in. Facebook 3 October 2016

 Facebook Review 1 Chronicles of Han Storm - H Gibson

Facebook Review 2 Chronicles of Han Storm - H Gibson


SynchroDestiny (RSA Fans)

James van der Walt via Facebook, September 7, 2015 - "Story worth telling. I'm running a social renewable energy project in the rural Transkei of South Africa. I stayed in the community while there and of course I took my Han book 3 along. Long story short, I forgot the book there and the local lady picked it up and read it. What I didn't know was how much the lady running the school project would enjoy the book. She didn't even read other rest of the series. Now I'm buying her book 1. Fresh educational material for the rural South Africa." 

Reply by Author via Facebook, September 8, 2015 - "Hi James. This is such stunning synchrodestiny. Lungelwa's book will be shipped tomorrow as arranged. I am glad that even though The H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm is a series, every book is a stand-alone that can be read separately. I have readers who picked up Leilaka first, then subsequently purchased the whole set, yet were comfortable to start with Book 4."

Confirmation by Ruth Maktub via Facebook, September 9, 2015 " Great story ! And just to add I bought all four books too and picked up Leilaka first."


Master in her field (RSA Fan)

"H Gibson is in my eyes more than just the average writer. Her life experiences made her a MASTER in her field. She is a true educator and has walked where others did not even dare to venture. I will recommend that those that can look beyond the now and here to get hold of her books. It is an eye opener and in many cases a true Learning Curve. I dare you to become addicted ... " Sonette Bosch, via Linkedin, May 16, 2013

Sonette Bosch
Sonette Bosch So glad I bought mine ... It's so addictive! Once you start reading, you don't want to stop. I reread mine now AGAIN! Hahaha. Facebook May 16, 2016


Action Packed (USA Fan)

"Hi Han. I just wanted to say thank you for your books.  A friend bought me a CD with three e-books while on holiday in South Africa. She thought I might find them interesting. I was not so sure about reading books from a South African writer but as they were a present, I downloaded them to my Kindle without a problem. What a surprise I received when I started reading the Chronicles of Han. I found the books to be action-packed, yet pleasantly educational. After finishing the third book, I realized that these metaphysical jewels had changed my life to the point where I am finally at peace with my life and where I fit into it.  Please add me to your email list to be informed when the next book is ready to be downloaded. Thanks."  Grace Q, USA, Received via email: 10 October 2013


Totally Addicted (RSA Fan) 

"As a devoted adventure fantasy-fiction fan, I thought that I would never fully enjoy fiction again after the death of David Eddings. But I do believe that the new J R Tolkien of South Africa has been found. Even Paul Hoffman and Ramond E Feist can learn a thing or two. Never have I experienced a book, in this regard – a whole Trilogy set – in such a gripping way. I am a slave and totally addicted lifelong fan of H GIBSON, author of The Chronicles of Han Storm and all her literary works she may produce in the future." 16 September 2012 By Conraad P Dippenaar, Cape Town, South Africa


Thank You Notes:

28 August 2015 - Via Facebook

Hello Han. I am currently reading Leilaka. Thank you for transforming my night time reading into pure magic ! With love, Ruth Maktub, via Facebook 28.08.2015

21 November 2014 - Via Email, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Wow! I was blown away! I can almost feel the power underneath the story. Well done. James van der Walt 

12 July 2014 - Bothasig Market, South Africa

I Feel it. Thank you! Wayne Barkam

21 December 2013 - Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club Meeting, Pringle Bay, South Africa

 It was really lovely to be here and listen to your talk - I LOVE your books. Sue Goris.

 Thank you, Han. I enjoy your books! Jenny van der Woude.

 Thanks for putting everything into perspective for me. Rachel Retief.

 Thank you! The books now give much more meaning. Gloria Peens.

 Monkey says "Thanks!" - The Tree of Life. Bhakta-Anjana.

3 February 2013 - Bothasig Market, South Africa

 Thank you, Han at last all the info I need to proceed. Will read and read. I am so very magically lucky to meet you. Thank you for all your life and hard work. Much love. Jenny Willowghby.

 It is just a wow!!!. Thank you for an awsome reading material. Magic x x x Anita M James. 

Anita James
Anita James Agree to reread it .... the best ....u read and story unfolds completely differently as if u did not read it the 1st time .... amazing. Facebook May 17, 2016


Book 1 - Preserving Creata Reviews

Captivating Read  

"The Author knows what she is doing. The Chronicles of Han is a captivating read, easy to understand and life makes a lot more sense." - Charmaine Pollak, JHB, April 2015

 Totally Awesome 

"These books of Han are totally awesome. I am addicted and will read them again and again! I cannot wait for Book 4.... Han, your gift is precious and your book is a guide for me and those that can see past the story line. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it with me. It made so many things clear to me. Thank you." Sonette Bosch, RSA Fan via email 10 March 2013

Fantastic Story (UK)

"Wow, your story was so deeply touching. I finished your 1st book about a week ago. It was the first time in 10 years that I have read any book written in a novel's style. I always read psychology or spiritual books cause other books rarely keeps me captivated in anyway at all! Fantastic story!" 17 November 2012 By Walter Reyneke, United Kingdom

Amazing Book 

"I've finished reading Han Storm. What an amazing book. My English is not great, but even I could understand this easy read. Well done." Hermien, Namibia, 12 July 2012

Good Book 

"Wow! Best book I've read in years!" Nicolette Dwig, Bolivia, 06 March 2012

For Non-Readers 

"Just wanted to let you know about the Feedback on The Chronicles of Han I had received from my daughter who is definitely not fond of reading. Two to three pages are already pushing it, but over 700 pages???? Not likely. . . !!!! Then she started reading Han Storm . . . and could not stop! She had never been interested in the subject stating it to be boring, but this book is the ultimate. I have promised her that the books only get better (having been privy to the content of Book 3!). Love and Light as Always." Annatjie, Hermanus, South Africa, 26 February 2012


"I am reading your first book again because I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. I am enjoying reading the book a second time, and yes I did miss some important things. Would love to purchase book 2. Many thanks." Sue Goris, Sandbaai, Hermanus, 18 January 2012


"Hi Han. I have to share a comment that I heard from someone that I had given your book to to read. "The author might not get a Pulitzer for The Chronicles of Han, but will win the thanks of humanity". That's deep! Book two was a stunning read, almost got this friend fired as she had come to work late after a late night of reading. She just could not put it down. Now book 3 Pleeeeeeeze!" Ron, Cape Town, 4 November 2011

Very Interesting 

"I'm about 2/3 through the book, very interesting. I wish I had the time to finish reading it. This book should be at a publisher." Erna J, Pretoria, South Africa, 17 October 2011

Han Fan 

"Thank you, thank you!!. This is so beautiful. It is actually a miracle that I am here typing - I can hardly tear myself away from HAN!!" H Hechter, Hermanus, South Africa, 28 September 2011


"Would the word WOW be appropriate? This young man just grew and grew (spiritually) before my reading eyes! Not once was he given a moment's rest...!! As I read his "story" I became quite breathless with all the action. I could NOT put down the book...and was most upset when other things called my attention away from the adventures of Han! I became quite grumpy when denied my Han-fix! And then...and then...just when it became really, really, realeeeee interesting, I was left hanging in mid-air because Part 7 was finished!....gee, please get out Part 8, ASAP!! And I will confirm the warning on the cover...anyone who reads The Chronicles of Han needs to seriously heed this aware of sleep-deprivation and addiction when reading this book!! Thank you both (Author and Editor)...I congratulate you on a job-well-done!!" Bhakta, Hermanus, SA, 21 September 2011

Truly Addictive 

ISIS has just left this comment on your post "Chronicles of Han: Book 1 NOW IN PRINT": "How Great!! And Sold Out Too!!! I can believe it as it was stunning reading and it is truly addictive :D Have a Blessed evening dear one and congrats with the book :)" 05/09/2011

Must Read 

"WOW, this book IS a MUST and everyone must simply read it! Thank you for all the hidden ‘gifts’ between the words and chapters. Cannot wait to read your other books. Lots and lots of love." Cornel Vermeulen, Pringle Bay, Western   Cape, SA, 30Aug2011


"I've read the free parts of your books. Then I read it to my two daughters while visiting them and they agree, this is the most captivating books they have ever read and cannot wait to know how things developed further. Keep writing, as you have a unique way to write." Isis, South   Africa, 13 April 2011

Wonderful Story 

"Yes, this is, indeed, a wonderful story! It's more than a story, of course, or a tale of adventure and intrigue, it's an experience! As far as action and adventure are concerned, (WOW!!!), have I experienced an exciting 'lifetime' by just reading your words! I almost feel what Han feels, see what Han sees. I'm right there with him during every move and emotion. I almost know him! The messages in this 'story' are very deep and profound, and very worthy of taking note of, be remembered and worked with and through. This is exactly what is needed in today's time." Bhakta, Hermanus, South   Africa, 26 November 2010

Captivating Topic 

"You will not put down this read until you are finished. The Author is talented, writing about a captivating topic." Misty, Scotland, 28 August 2010

Never Ending Story 

"H Gibson has created something which she will not easily see the end of. Within this story there are so many situations for the man in the street to associate with, relate to, recognize experiences that were out of the ordinary at the time, and yet so much part of our daily higher existence. She helps, introduces, remind people to the possibilities of energy within a safe story. None of the content is new but the context of use might just become confirmation to many. Topping all of this, while reading, there was an omnipotent presence, an energy, or call it a vibration, a resonance that was present and experienced physically through my body. I found this so very exhilarating." - A Coetsee, Hermanus, August 2010

Prepare for Addiction 

I have read 100’s of books, covering all spectrums, but never have I been this captivated. The book, characters and storyline starts off undemanding and uncomplicated. As the story unfolds, the characters as well as the storyline matures, dragging the reader into the tale, causing you to feel and experience with Han. As I progressed with the book I finally figured out why I would become so emotionally involved. It dawned on me that this book reflects a bit of each of us, causing you to identify either with a character or a situation. The down side of the book is that I now find most of my previous books dull and slow-moving. R Gibson, Editor, 24 August 2010

Epic Adventure Journey 

"Han Storm is an epic adventure journey into remembrance, of what 'reality' is, what different realities are, and a painter's work piece that evolves in giving us yet a small glimpse of what power, love, and *unspeakable* awe the Devine consists of! The rest can be experienced/felt by reading those words in-between the covers! It is also a great tool for personal discovery and evolution, and a definite read in this lifetime!" - Jaques Beukes, Cape   Town, Age>20, August 2010

Love your Book 

"I love your book. May I have the rest please!?" - Renate Berger, Western Cape, Age>50, 21April 2010 Part 1&2


Book 2 - Reclaiming of Duback Reviews


"I am re-reading Han Chronicles 2...and loving it every bit as much as the first time I read it! But with one exception...I am now reading it with much more awareness than I did the first time. Die eerste keer het ek die boek net so ingesluk en verslind...sommer so! This time it is digested much more slooooowleeee...bit by bit! And (WOW!!!) I am...ahhhh....don't even have the words describing what and how I feel....I just FEEL...and enjoying the experience!!!!" Bhakta, Hermanus, South Africa, 22 April 2012

Unbelievable Stuff 

"I met the writer through my best friend while visiting in South Africa. I could not put the Chronicles of Han down!!!! Almost finished with Book 2!! Unbelievable stuff!! The writer is a blessing and I send her love and light and enormous hugs!" Madeleine Hall, United Kingdom, 08 February 2012

Speculatively Real

"I am re-reading the Chronicles of Han, Book 1&2, and enjoy the books as much as the first time. These stories are speculatively real. I am transferred to an alternative reality where I can truly lose myself in, reluctantly returning to my own timeframe when responsibilities call me back to Earth. I look at life in a whole new way and feel a part of Han’s transformational process." Nina, Gordon's Bay, Cape Town, 02 February 2012

Wonderful Books 

"I was so anxious to download and start reading book 2, that I nearly forgot to thank you deeply out of my heart for this wonderful book once again. I enjoyed book 1 so much that I know for sure that I will have to drink a lot of coffee tonight, as I will not be able to put it down until my eyes drop closed!" Sonette Bosch, 27 August 2011

Sleep Deprivation 

"Finished reading Book 2. Catching up on lost sleep! Very cool book! Quite intense! Very interesting! Cannot wait for the next one! Please let us know when Book 3 is ready for reading." Martin Jaques, Cape Town, RSA, 17 July 2011


Book 3 - Taming Encha Reviews 


“The Chronicles of Han Storm brings extraordinary adventure and excitement to our reality. As we know Han, he feels a constant pull into the unknown! This inquisitiveness entices him to Encha, a new world where very few entities in the universes would dare to go! Opening the possibility to travel to new planets turned out to be more demanding than our hero thought! This adventure continues to be action packed, with surprises around every corner, literally, as Encha shows the extremities of the known worlds on a single planet. This proves to be an extraordinary learning curve for Han, one that would have huge consequences on many levels in Han’s life. Truly a ‘hold-onto-your-seat’ rollercoaster ride through the Universes!” Martin Jaques Beukes, Cape Town, 8 April 2013

Sleep Deprivation 

"Thank you Han for BOOK 3. I did the download and will start reading it right away .... so I guess I will get no sleep tonight :D Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to learn more ..... Have a Blessed night and keep well always." S Bosch, South   Africa, 08 May 2012

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