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Why you should buy (and read) The Chronicles of Han Book Series

The Chronicles of Han books are currently only available from the Author.
I am not on Amazon or publishing houses for personal reasons.

The following is feedback from loyal Fans. All received June 2018


"At face value it's an epic tale of an individual experiencing adventure beyond compare, but once you start digging deeper into the themes it will put you on a life altering path." - Erna Jacobs 

"Because your books are life changing... without a doubt! Wondered about that? Was it only because I knew you from before? I don't think so. When I start reading it is like I'm being sucked into your timeline.... and cannot let go... feel like I'm reliving part of me..." - Lolli Erasmus

"I believe people find it difficult to find the right guidance for spiritual growth these days, so reading these books, will definitely accelerate their growth as beings. But also, if they by any godforsaken reason they don't find any help in the books, they should rather not be spiritual! But they still will read a good Sci-Fi story!" - Marin Jaques Beukes

"Zoliswa speaks of you as a personal friend who opened her eyes to past lives..... she is totally in awe." - Gladys-Joice Dirks

"People uncertain about past and parallel lives should read this book.......Chronicles of Han. I've read several books on these topics, this one a bit different to the others I've read, but meeting Hanneli personally a few years ago, a person with so much integrity, learning about her experiences and interesting journey, this was all confirmation again to me, about our other lives we are living." - Dalene Reyneke

"The Chronicles of Han is a captivating book. Filled with adventure, drama, romance and all the stuff that makes for a perfect read. Once I started the first book I just couldn't stop reading. The writer draws you into a world of magic. To such an extend that it feels real. This would be a book to buy. You will read it more than once and still enjoy it every time." - Christelle Bosch

"As time goes by we are all aging in both mind and body! And it seems to be happening so fast and so quickly! Why read the Chronicles of Han? As many thoughts rushed through my mind I had a sudden regret. My regret was that I did not meet YOU sooner - um, perhaps some 20 years before?  But then the following thought gave me another side - 20 years ago I was in my 50's and at that time I was nowhere near where I am today - putting it quite plainly = I was nowhere READY for you!   And so the thought processes moved on - and gut-feeling tells me each period of MY life fell into the right place at EXACTLY at the RIGHT TIME! Had I met you then, I was not ready receiving your blessing and your message! Thus I urge anyone interested in growing themselves to buy your books, even if they only face it years later." - Bhakta-Anjana

"A note written from the heart. I love Han's books. They are riveting from start to finish - a brilliant synergy of adventure and a gradual unfolding of the spiritual principles that underlie our very existence. Han captures a writing style that appeals to both men and women, and a rare style of writing that speaks to both the spiritually enlightened and initiate, as well as anyone who loves a well-written adventure story. They are mind-blowing, and an exciting way to learn and understand more than you ever thought possible. Han puts complex theories in understandable ways, and the content broadens the mind and imagination. What a brilliant writer, and absolutely fascinating topics!" - Janet Vorster van Niekerk

"Hi Han - my thoughts!
In the Disclaimer of each of Han's Chronicles, it is stated that the author does not take responsibility for anything that might happen as a result of reading this material!
At the time, I was not sure what she meant, but once I began reading, I understood! If you are on a journey of Re-Awakening to Who You Truly Are, then these Other-Dimensional experiences of Han Storm (AKA Han Gibson) will shift and change your life in ways you can't possibly imagine before you began sharing Han's past life adventures in other galaxies. The Chronicles keep you entertained as a reader while simultaneously shifting your consciousness time soon to a whole new and amazing Vibrational level. My life experience has altered and deepened in ways I could not have imagined 4 and a half years ago!!! It was also my resonance with Han Gibson, on first meeting her, that inspired me to Re-awaken to More of mySelf. If you are ready to Know ThySelf on a whole new level, then you couldn't do better than diving into The Chronicles of Han with gay abandon. I wish you well on your journey!" - Angela Red River

"Fascinating and adventurous story. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a very exciting and different approach to learn more about past, current and parallel lives. I even bought copies for 2 of my friends. Give it a go, you won't be sorry!" - Walter Reyneke

"I found it quite exciting to read about Han's simultaneous Intergalactic experiences. Unfortunately life got busy and I never got down to reading the rest of her work. When things slow down somewhat, I shall get to it. Bright Blessings," Johanne Werth 

All I can say is thank you for all the feedback. This Author truly appreciates her readers. 

"A well-written, compelling sci-fi, adventure into the heart of the cosmos and soul. Han does a beautiful job relating this tale with fully fleshed our characters who come to life—it’s not just a story, it’s a deep diving into human powers and possibilities. Very glad to have read your 1st is the series." Luke Maguire Armstrong - 5 August 2018



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