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Deeply Profound -

When two soul-friends get together, time always fly away with you and is just never enough to capture the precious moment.

But today was different, being Hanuman's day in any case.

In one of her very rare visits, Han wanted to know why people never speak about The Chronicles, why they say they love the books, ask when the next one is going to be available and move along quickly to other subjects.

After a bit of thought I had to reply that there was actually no-one else I could discuss the actual content of the books with.

It is just so profound and huge that I feel as if being left in a bubble of silence.

There simply are no words except to say to someone that if they should read the Chronicles of Han Storm, that they cannot go back being who they were.

I now understand why AJM always said 'Beyond Words'. I think I can now start to relate, getting to know the story behind the story.

I am truly blessed to have been invited into the life of a unique entity.

Thank you, Han.

Bhakta-Anjana, The Tree of Life

Originally Blogged: 05.08.2014

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