The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Saving Leilaka - Summary of Subjects of The Chronicles of Han Storm

By H Gibson


CHRONICLES OF HAN - Saving Leilaka

(Leilaka #2)

Saving Leilaka List of Subjects          Page corresponds to printed and unenhanced pdf version

Healer Guides and Healing     10

Han is reminded of the role he plays on Leilaka        14

Bodies change to accommodate Soul-Spirits 25

Han reveals his true Self         63

Chakras, Energy receptors, higher vibrational colours            68

First Darshan   70

Cacao, Food from the Gods   79

Incarnation of Old Souls        96

Clairsentience, Leather, energy work 100

Upon Blessings           101

Making amends with passed-over people       103

The difference in Souls           110

Grounding explained  113

Cosmic Races, Native and Foreign Soul-Spirits         115

What is a Soul-Spirit? 116

Methods of Soul Incarnation 117

A course in reading Universal Oracle cards    125

All the Same   144

Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes and Beyond      145

Upon Avatars and different types of Incarnations     146

Language change through the ages     148

What is a Puppet-body?          149

More on 'What is a Soul?' and the creation of Souls  150

Upon Indirect Avatars, Trans-Mediums and Chanellings      150

Different types of bodies        153

Upon Different Races 153

What is an Elemental?            154

What is a Faeid?         156

Change is the only constant in Life    159

Chemicalization          160

Prescription to lead an honourable life           161

The Truth about Truth / The different kinds of Truth            162

All About LOVE        163

What are Emotions?    164

Upon Anger    165, 169, 174

Upon Love and Power            176

Han, the Realist          183

Gifting as Energy Exchange in maintaining the balance        184

Regarding Blessings   185-188

Condensed lesson upon making love  190

Changing through Universal Upgrades          192

Different types of people play life to get to what they want 193

Do not Judge for you know not the story behind the story   197

Believe versus Knowing         197

Difference in Lifetimes           201

What is the Purpose of Life?  201

True Death      202

Upon Heaven and Soul responsibility            203

Astral layers / different dimensions around planets   204-206

Where do I go when I sleep?  206

What more can I do as a Soul-Spirit / upon tiers and dimensions around planets      206-209

Items from previous lives and sacrifices from loved ones      217-219

Choosing a new way of being / Choosing the path of Serion            231

Anamnestic - Cosmic Reminders        232

Nayakteale      247

Naming and imbuing items with vibrations    262

Many Sides to a personality    293-296

Astral Travel / Remote Viewing         306

Upon Auras and Selective Memory    309

What is the use of having a life?         313

What is joy?    315

Upon lost loved ones  335

Departed waiting for final goodbyes i.e. burial rites  342

Divination in signs      343

Functions of a Medium           345

Self-blame       348

Upon Natural Disasters           349

Upon playing by the script of Life     350

Life Plans, scripts, contracts   352

Incarnated versus Spirit Form 352

Forming of a Soul-Character  352

From the Book of the Dead    358

Some history on Leilaka's original Starpeople            375

Why do people fear Lord Hanuman? 382

Animal Communication - dogs versus horses 391

The Nature of Power  463

Self-hypnosis Sleep Technique           468

Clearing Negative Vibrations for Extended Areas     469-471

Upon being considered 'different'      473

Upon seeing Auras / different kinds of Auras / healing through Auras         476-477

Healing through empathic vibrations 478

Learning to see Auras 480-483

Function of the Etheric Body / Why we should strive to stay healthy          481

Rules of Incarnation   498

Choosing the character to play in an incarnation        498-500

Why it is better to deal with issues before starting a next incarnation           502

Structure by following the Flow of Nature    507

Empathic Remote Healing      514

The importance of literacy      523

Fine line between Seduction and Rape          535

Finding information directly from the Planetary Grid           540

Coming to terms with the past to continue with the future    543

Brain food for Psychics          545

Energetic Protection from Physical Harm      546

Pre-program Source Energy for later use        550

Who and What is Han Storm  560

May we change our planned paths?    561

Why do we struggle if everything is already planned?          561

Why do we suffer? What is suffering?           562

Why challenges are needed    562

More Upon Life Contracts     563-564

Upon Spontaneous Healings / why some results are only temporary 565

Why some people embrace illness, Suffering and Negative Experiences       565

Upon so-called Luck   566

What is Synchronicity and Synchrodestiny    566

Upon Possibilities, Probabilities and Absolutes          567

More information on Navigators        602

Trees are special entities          620

Cosmic Planning         630

The Hanuman Connection on Leilaka            630-637

The 'What if' Game     639

Preparing for Death    650

Where do we go when we die?          657

Walking them over      658

Upon planning a physical life experience       662

Preparations for Soul-Transference     676

Origins of Creation in a nut-shell        687

Death of a Soul           690

Vasundhara's Function           701


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