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LEILAKA #1              

Pure Magic                

"Hello Han. I am currently reading Leilaka. Thank you for transforming my night time reading into pure magic ! With love." Ruth Maktub, via Facebook 28.08.2015 


Thank you from the bottom of my Heart

"I've just finished reading the new Leilaka book and would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling this story. I've always felt so connected to dragons, or Hurakan as I will now call them. The whole planet of Leilaka feels familiar. The Creata adventures felt close, but Leilaka feels even closer to my being. Can't wait for book 2!! Well done and good luck with everything, I hope 2014 is a magical year for you." Jennifer Swarts, via Facebook, 13 January 2014 

Learning something new every time                   

"Dear Han, Thanks so much for writing these books, I wish everyone would read them, they are wonderful. One can read them over and over again and learn something new each time." Sue Goris, via Facebook, 21 December 2013 

Could not put it down

"Hi Han, Very very very good. Reads like a dream and keep your attention all the time. I could not put it down, even knowing the story. There is much more details in it and you feel with Han all the time. I see it as a winner. Congrats on it. Now I am waiting for the next one. Love. Elka" - Review on Leilaka from E Kruger, received via email, 02 December 2013 

Another Wonderful Book

Pre-launch Review "Hi Han, I just want to tell you how wonderful Leilaka was. I was taken back to a place that was as mystical as the dragons and their riders that were in it. I was getting lost in it and I could not stop reading it, as usual. I just can't stop being amazed how you can make one read more and more, always leading to the next chapter but now I can not wait for the next book! Thank you for such a wonderful book once again. Keep well and Be Blessed as always." Sonette Bosch, via email: 12 June 2013

Sonette Bosch
Sonette Bosch So glad I bought mine ... It's so addictive! Once you start reading, you don't want to stop. I reread mine now AGAIN! Hahaha. Facebook May 16, 2016


Pure Magic

Pre-launch Review “What an interesting book. I am delighted at the flow of events, full of adventure, intrigue, excitement, betrayal, suspense, humour, romance, drama and trauma. A divine fairy story with enthralling mystique and mysticism, deep spiritual and esoteric messages, all thrown into one pot, and cooked slowly over a gentle fire!! Result? A perfect blend and a delicious gourmet meal! Food for the Soul!” - Bhakta-Anjana, Han Storm’s most loyal FAN. 2 February 2013


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