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Saving Leilaka: Pre-launch review - an Alpha Reader's journey of reviewing Saving Leilaka

With permission from Bhakta-Anjana.

Please note, these reviews may contain spoilers.

00 Tree of Life Saving Leilaka What a book Feedback

Saving Leilaka: An Alpha Reader's journey.
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- Caution: Might contain spoilers.

What a Book!

I have to tell you something! I have finished reading the printed SAVING LEILAKA book - as you know, I lingered long over it, taking in little bits at a time, absorbing, digesting (you know the story, eh?) ... and last night I'd reached the last stretch - Chapter 51, page 693 - and as I was reading this last bit, I was sad - not only sad at having reached THE END but also sad because it was = SAD! Everyone saying 'Good Bye' to a Great Man ... and so on! And when I read Habieb's letter, I felt the eyes stinging with tears! Yes, yes, I know .... I'd read all of this before in the Drafted version, but in the quietness of my bedroom, in the comfort of the bed, it just felt so much more profound and meaningful!

Anyway, after I'd reached the final page, read the final word, I put down the book, hugged it close to my chest, and lay there a long time - I felt I needed to let everything settle before going to sleep. It took a really long time before the old heart steadied itself - funny how I noticed the quick beating of the old 'ticker'! Sleep took a while in coming, but finally I dropped off only to dream strange wild dreams ... !
That 'explosion' was quite something! Very descriptive ... to say that I had a heat-wave flowing over and into my body, would be putting it mildly!

A quick remark about the book - it's beautifully written, very exciting, filled with fantastic information - on ALL levels - holds great wisdom, and is simply a WOW story - amazing - awesome, and all other expressions one would use describing the greatness of this book.

One last thing I would like to add before I end --- I wish to echo something that Queen Ariette says to Han - on Page 693 - just before Chapter 50 ends - it's a pretty long passage but it's worth quoting some of it - - - -
Ariette says to Han =
"Just look at the scenario, Han. What are you leaving these people on Leikaka (Earth) with? ------ Everywhere you go, you leave a legacy of information, of training, of other ways of experiencing. You open worlds for individuals as they had never, ever, had the opportunities to experience. ---- You literally re-create wherever you go. You leave some of yourself behind everywhere you have been. ---- you have made an undeniable impact (are still making an undeniable impact!) on us and I thank The Creator that He has sent you to us, and to me (Monkey) so we may experience you." And are still experiencing Han!
I have grossly shortened it - sorry - but I hope you get what I am trying to convey?
A humble thank you to my Beloved +H Gibson!

Bhakta-Anjana :-D


 Chronicles of Han Storm Saving Leilaka Book Cover Blurp April 2015 Saving Leilaka Book Cover Print Sept 2016


3 May 2015

First Impressions

"'ve done it again.....given us a small taste of what is to now you've watered our mouths...and we, NEED....more-more-more of this....and soon! to open this story...with the dramatic yellowed beginning or the milder white section ?????
Personally, I like the yellow's a teaser which takes us right up to the point when this happens in the story.  Yes, curiosity could make the normal reader want to rush through the beginning, but I don't believe that's going to be a problem....the reader might miss some of the other important things happening before I might well do....but, most of your fans (probably ALL of us!) read and then re-read your books over and over again, and then we will eventually 'get-the-point'!! I always find 'new-bits' whenever I read any of your books again....! 
And then, with typical monkey-humour, I ask......'er, what is a 'normal reader'....heh? Are any of your readers     ummm        NORMAL          ?????      Hmmmmmm???    
Chuckle-chuckle-chuckle :-D          :-D :-D !!

You've had dramatic entrances in some of your previous books, Han..... Chronicles Book 3.....Taming began with, "She is my best bleeder".....OK, so what's this all about?, I asked then...only to find out soon enough! I read eagerly till I got there, but this unusual beginning didn't distract me in any way!  And Leilaka 1 also has a very interesting beginning.....!
Hope that gives you a clue as to what to choose?
Thanks for asking....!"



9 May 2015

Dragons remind us of . . . 

"Hi there,
....mushy and melting is what I felt when I looked at the Dragon picture....ahhhhhh, how sweeeeeet!

Dragons remind us of the goodness and magic all around us all the time! Indeed we need these wonderful reminders, so I thank you for sharing these with us!  
This was something some of us fortunate beings were able to experience once, and even those of us who were non-Dragon Riders, were enchanted by their gliding and ducking motions, and were healed by just watching these beautiful creatures in action....what an experience!

We no longer live in this magical world, but I sense that this is still going on somewhere in one or other Multiverse, or even within our sub-conscious our Heart-Memories! 
And, you know something? It occurred to me that your books remind us of something beautiful and magical that once was, and of something that will happen again in some future magical time! 
The world the way it is now cannot be sustained...and as much as Negativity try keeping it this way...for their own greed and self-satisfaction....your books tell us that this won't last...!
This gives me such hope...!

However, I have to confess that whenever I get too upset with or anxious about the way things are going in this confused and convoluted world of ours, I imagine being on inside or up in the highest magical branches of an Elwood, only if I qualify, of course!  But just sitting under the Elwood is enough! 
OK, so that's where my Spirit goes when the world becomes too harsh and sad! Escapism, I know, but it saves my sanity! 

Grateful you walk this extra mile for us Earth-humans, and most of us don't even know you exist...!"


PS: Artist and origin of the picture used could not be traced. If anyone knows who created it, kindly leave a reply. 



16 May 2015

Discoveries and messages of hope

Thanks for sharing this remarkably close image of Belicos, the Gly-Terrion person! Amazing...! (pic ref Syborne-b-artwork from Nick Delagaris).

Doesn't it give you a thrill every time you find something like this sitting on your screen? There are 'others' out there who 'see' what you see! 

But for a moment, I had to shake up the little grey memory brain-cells...I was a little confused as to where this 'person' fitted in and where he came from? 

Aahh yes, I thought, Books 2 and 3! 
Now I need to read these two books again...oh, what the heck, might as well begin at the beginning with Book 1....'er, after I've finished reading Leilaka....again! 

One can never say that one 'gets-it' reading your books only once. I certainly don't! Need to read, re-read, re-re-read...and so on!!! And then go back again...hehe!

Your books are so inspiring, dear Han! And I thank you so much for having written them! Because.....
....right now I feel rather flattened by life! I feel squeezed into a corner, and find myself becoming quite depressed! And trying to be cheerful all the time takes up soooooooo much energy.
So, I go off into a little corner, lick my wounds, and hug a Han close to my chest! 
Feel better? Oh yes!

All the negativity happening right now in the world leaves me with this question....why is all of this happening right now?  
Is it a natural breaking down of the way things were, in order to bring in the new? 
Or is this stress deliberately being manufactured by 'them' in order to keep us in a state of continual anxiety....and control? 
Perhaps a stooooopid question, and one that should not be asked, hmmmm? 
Never mind answering it...this is something I have the power overcoming....I mean, I have this wonderful Mithrya-Entity standing right behind me...and comes whenever I am truly in her so! 
Oh yes, and that reminds me of something a friend said yesterday...we were speaking (via phone) about this very subject of stress and anxiety, and he shared with me that he feels none of these, in fact he's so positive about life that he feels very excited about it all.
And he spoke these words...."when the worst happens, the best comes along!" 
Riiiiiight.....out of the mouth of a usual pessimist, but who spoke through him, just for me to hear?  

Again I say, thanks, Dear One....  
....there is surely a reason for all of this negativity, and we (I) do have the strength and courage overcoming this...! 





23 May 2015

Bliss on any planet!

"Chocolate = indeed, a blissful experience...on any planet!
Groxes Delight....sweet bliss!
My mouth watered when I read how Krish went about making up this tray of delightfully delicious Delights! Yum!
Wanted to kill a slab right there and then...but didn't...sigh....have none here! So need to imagine the taste....eeeee mah  ginnnn.....!

The rest of the chapter is very personal and very revealing!
Ah, Merrykara and her 'condition'....disturbing behaviour, but not uncommon....! 
But young Krish suffers with embarrassment, poor man!
Do you also feel like 'an outcast' on Earth, Dear One?  Like Moira and Han do on Leilaka?
I often feel like an outcast myself, but, if need be, I can blend-in and mix with the 'madding-crowd' !! Pretend being 'normal'....a difficult one, that!!

It must be hard re-living your emotions every time you write a book, but that's what makes your stories so uniquely meaningful!
You give your readers an opportunity actually feeling what you are feeling....we experience these emotions because they're so obviously 'there'. It comes through in the writing....!
Precious-precious! Thank you for 'exposing' yourself for all to feel!

Right, now I go hunt down that illusive Javorda Bean...
but that means a trip to Leilaka....
sooooooooooo, I shall do some astral travelling 
tonight....yum, I can almost taste that Delight.....!"





 30 May 2015

Oh my...! Saving Leilaka Chapter 8

!!....oh my...speechless...let me absorb....will return to you with comments...for what they're worth.....just loved this chapter...deeper and deeper...not just a mere 'story'.....oh my....!

.....finally.....      fine     ah     lee    ....back with you with my vast and many impressions....cannot possibly put them all down in mere tog, how limiting words are... 

Overall always, riveting! 
Each chapter of Leilaka has it's own depth and it's highlights, as well as it's very 'human-side'. 
Amongst other 'human-things', these stand out....

...the description of Merrykara's outfit and hairstyle, etc, as she goes to the beach; Marshall, red stubble on his chin, his ginger-haired body dripping with water; Kaleb, delighting in the warmth of the hot sand; Habieb, in a constant state of anxiety, worrying about his beloved Han, who has one of his         elemental-moments...

I was impressed by the committed recycling program the ingenious Elfes have...the making of parchment/paper, vellum, and toilet paper....a 'horse of a different colour'....chuckle-chucklele...! 

And then there is the description of the dark skinned Merchant from Hobaxian...
....and that takes me to the meeting between Prahava and Han. 
One of the highlights (for me!)  is the pack of Universal Cards, with their Dragon motives. And the Numerology connected to it! The description of each! 
(I remember you once speaking about creating a set of those described?) 
A Tarot deck with the 4 types of Dragons....each governing a specific element, aspect and realm of life!!
Huracan = Water
Tiamat = Air                      .....all amazing!
Typhoeus = Fire
Ladona = Earth

...I learnt so much reading this chapter...the Guardian or Guide of each Oracle pack....I never knew that!  
How blindly and without thought, we grab a pack of Angel cards, (or any other pack of Oracle cards) and give ourselves, or someone else, a reading without giving it a second thought. We are totally unaware as to what or who guides the deck of cards! Goodness me, we know so little! Good lesson for me!
The Numerology is fantastic....again, so much I did not know! 
Something else.....Prahava asks Han..."Do you know what is wrong with Louis?"  I read Liger for Louis.....alright? Another highlighted lesson for me......! 

...there is so much more I could comment about...I could go on and on....but I won't. Too much waffling is boring and takes away the magic....but know that this chapter moved me deeply! 
Every chapter seems more powerful than the previous one....this book is growing into something enormous/huge, and we have only reached Chapter 8....what comes next? 

I feel so honoured being an Alpha-reader....I get to read all the little bits that might not be in the book later...a privileged and an honour...grateful thanks! 






Tree of Life - Saturday Scenes - Avatars


13 June 2015


Hi there,
...I feel more grounded this afternoon! Floated around all afternoon yesterday after reading Saving Leilaka chapter 9...but after a very grounding journey into town I'm back on Earth!Almost fully grounded!! the every day and ordinary activities of Leilakan life are described. I feel this is very's interesting reading about the way of life as it was on Leilaka. The fashions of the day, the hairstyles, the food eaten, the dwellings, etc., even the way of thinking, of open- or closed-mindedness, emotions... all very interesting!
But then, what slips in-between the 'ordinary?

The 'immeasurable Creation, The Omniverse, Cosmic Worlds, Galaxies, Universes, Solar Systems, Planets, everything fits together like a tidy, organized, well-planned map.....

Then we are given the explanation of thedifferent types of bodies or Avatars = Direct, Indirect and Partial Avatars....Puppet Bodies, Ascended Masters, Full Incarnated Bodies, what exactly a Soul is, the Human/Elf/Dwarf aspect/connection...Humanoids, Faeries....and Elementals....and so much more!!  Whew and Wow!! 
It's Magic, that's what it is!!
Everything in this chapter, as in all the others I have read so far, grab my interest! I slurp everything up, I feed my Soul Spirit, and then I slot it all into a 'folder-of-the-mind', to be pulled out and mulled over again and again!

And when the memory becomes a little dim, I will haul out theprinted copy(I'm looking forward to that eventually!)ofSAVING LEILAKA,and refresh my memory once again. Or I might read out a certain 'universal truth' to someone who also wants to know about these things!!! 

:-D!!!!!!   Monkey grins with delight!!



20 June 2015


....Goodness me....just when I had settled down comfortably in my comfort zone, thinking that I would now give my little grey cell a bit of a rest, along comes this BLESSINGS-thing! that stirred up all those little resting cells...they're all in rep-en-roer!!  My mind boggles more than ever!  A whole new area opened up here...I find the

Ai, wonderful! Had never considered this...never had a serious look at 'blessings' before!!  Makes me realize that I still have so much to learn! Looking forward to the next installment.

Something else...."the essential nature of the Soul would forever stay the same."    Hmmmm, interesting! Does that mean I have always had a sense-of-humour and driven everyone mad with it? Will I continue seeing the funny side of life in whatever body my Soul resides in?  Hah, what fun!! 

A foundation blanket...what a sweet thought! We should all have a 'foundation blanket' Linus and his comfort blanket!! 

Ahhhh, and here we have it again.."MAHAT MAGHANDI KRIYA OHM"

"The Creator's Creation Complete"

.This is what I wrap around me when, in the darkest of nights, that invasive heavy fear creeps into my body, uninvited but very present! 
Over and over I chant....and find peace settling in. 

I thank you, Han, for this  blessing!




4 July 2015

Glad for the information!

The next chapter:
....I begin at the end...Ishmay/Habieb, "...glad for this information you have given us."   
I ditto that....I am also glad for the information you have given ME!! 

As always....beyond words! How often have I said that, and how often will I be repeating that sentiment??   

Somewhere along the line, someone (Ishmay) said there needs to be a break between absorbing Universal information. I took that to heart and stopped a moment halfway through the chapter and made myself a cuppa tea. Put tea bag into mug, poured hot water over it, and waiting for the tea to draw, I went back to Leilaka! 

And, you guessed it...I forgot all about the tea bag in the hot water...until I'd finished reading the chapter. 
Aaaaaand now the tea is so strong....I won't be able to sleep for a week! 

Hah...who cares...I need to ponder and absorb all of this deep stuff!!! 
Who needs sleep when all of this sits in the brain? 

Oh yes, a question...Leilaka and its many layers...Earth layers/dimensions? May I be told this? I should guess that I 'work' in some of them....? 
Han on Leilaka....was often not clear...clarity on Earth for Han?  Uh, clear or veiled? Hm, leading question....huh? 
Monkey curiosity again........!!

"What is the purpose of Life?"

"Living life to the fullest....!" Oh yeah!

I have an adventurous Soul Spirit so off I go exploring.....
tooooteldy doo.....
let me entertain The Creator a little with my nonsense! .....

....see you around again!





18 July 2015

Creata versus Leilaka

After I'd opened your email and was quickly reading what you'd written regarding the comments of the editor, my thoughts were on Creata and Leilaka.
At that point I strongly felt that both planets play a very important part in the Han Storm journey. Not only for Him, but for us here on Earth as well...!
There is something of great value to be learnt out of this 'tale'....!!       A Monkey's Tail???? Eh?

Yes the Creata series is action packed and fast moving! Exciting and always has something new to chew on.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 Chronicles books!
But Leilaka is a totally different story!  I understand the Editor's point of view should he feel it's a bit slow!
However, from what I feel, the difference between the Creata section of the Chronicles and the Leilaka story, is valuable, and necessary to record!!!

During the Creata episodes, Han Storm grows into himself...he learns exactly who and what he is.  It's also a story of a time-period which highlights Creata's  problems, with solutions needing to be found, the leaving of Creata, the finding of new planets on which to settle, the 'cleaning-up' of these new planets, the methods used for evacuating the population.
And along the way Han meets Sensaii, Duek, Lumox, the Groxes, all his other spirit-helpers-&-guides,  and he meets his beloved      ..       Jade!!  And Han becomes the Navigator.....!
This is what the Creata series is all about!  Action packed, fast-paced, a 'cannot-be-put-down' books!  Amazing................!
In between all the action, we find esoteric truths and important information....we are given a broader vision of the Multiverses, different levels and dimensions, worm-holes, star-gates, other planets, different cultures, wonderful creatures, crystal power, etc....and so much more.
And we find  -  the Lizards and their creations of destruction      !!
Whilst reading the Creata series I was often as exhausted as Han seemed to be.....whew!

Let's get to the other favoured planet = Leilaka!
I am loving this Leilaka series! I LOVE the planet, fascinates me....I feel 'at home' here, and I just cannot get enough Leilaka information....I want-to, need- to, learn more and more about the planet and all its different aspects.
It's like 'food-for-the-soul'
...I NEED to know about what it looks like...uh, just everything about it.  And little by little you feed this information into my body &  brain-banks! I'm still curious about Leilaka's light/life giving sun and whether there are other planets near Leilaka (and what kind of planets they are)??
As always, a curious and inquisitive monkey...!
Patience-patience, Monkey...all will be revealed...!
And I am fascinated by the visionary Han/Krish! Introducing commerce = money....and a more modern type of lifestyle.

To Leilaka's humans, who had been living in a Dark-Age, this is a scary!!  But it's time to move on/forward, and King Krish(Han) Dameous is pushing it all very much as his patience allows him to, with the understanding that Leilaka's inhabitants are really afraid of any 'new' thought.

OK, not so much action as in the Creata!  But what a wealth of spiritual information!!  It begins slowly...each 'lesson' leading into the next lesson! It becomes deeper and deeper as new layers are reached!
I see it as the proverbial onion being peeled from the outside and peeled right down to the core! Deeper, deeper and richer...!
Yes, it might not always be appreciated by action-lovers, but for me, it's MAGIC!
But then my thought processes seem to function on a different wave-length, and I see things in a different light. But I am not unique! There ARE others out-there who are far more advanced than I...and Leilaka will 'speak' to these wonderful Souls!

I just knew I have to speak-out and share my waffled thoughts with you!!






25 July 2015

Human Details

Aitsa....hier's jy weer groot op my screen!

....Chapter always, most interesting!
Again, I am impressed by all those small 'human' details.

The arrival of the letters, delivered to Krish/Han, by Huracan Rider.  Han's perusal thereof....the news that mystifies and news that upsets....written in different languages, but nothing remains unread. All is easily deciphered...certain things are disturbing! Han needs to sort out a lot of things....

....Han's annoyance and irritation at discovering a new chip in the ancient dagger blade....

...the mystery package...what does it contain but an item that invites a host of past memories...they surface, they bring sadness!

Han's delight at the Huracan hatchlings as they emerge out of their shells! 3 of them, each sporting a very different personality.

Moira, too busy with their rearing makes Han feel left out, and feelings of abandonment pop up when Habieb leaves on a well deserved holiday.  All very 'human' emotions....!

Um, had a bit of a laugh....when the addiction/dependency bit came in!
I have to confess. I have an's my absolute dependence on the Chronicle Books!  I could not imagine my life without any of them!

Once again, thanks for sharing this with me.


Tree of Life - Saturday Scenes - Cliff Hanger


05 August 2015 

Subject:  *A cliff-hanger!* 

The approach of the Wayward Meteor ... 

...ooooooh....what a cliff hanger.... 

....what now???? 

Naturally Han will save Leilaka....but how? 

Oh gee, will have to wait for next chapter! 

Just-just holding on, I will have to wait in patience to see how the "little, all too-too, human" Krish will solve the problem of Wayward Meteor....

 ..... I did so enjoy the journey of the raggle-taggle, rumble-tumble caravan consisting of humans, horses and Huracans (a mixture of seniors, juniors, and everything in-between) travelling, ever so sloooowly from Floverne to Hannahushah!  

So cute imagining Moira and her young! 

Poor frazzled mama-Moira, calm patient papa-Lance, grandfather-Raman proud, but puzzled by his boisterous grandchildren, putting up with them anyway, seeing he has no other choice...cute!! I'm beginning to love one certain little individual....the very active and somewhat clumsy little Huracanet, Marracan.... 

The gift of the dagger, has an aura all of its own! I am intrigued by the 'fern emblem'....a FERN? Any significance? In New Zealand the Maoris consider the fern shape (called KORU) as a symbol of growth, life, new beginnings, harmony, tranquility!!  

I read Merzuk's training with interest....Han, did you use this method training your own horses? 

And last, but by no means least....Krish...his doubtfulness at having to deal with the meteor as a mere human, small, insignificant, not possessing the mighty tools Han Storm had, wishing he was on Creata...and then comparing the two different lives...the life of the Creatan 'born' Han Storm and that of Leilakan Krish....interesting! 

And somewhere there is one, called H Gibson, recording it all! Thanks to you for doing so. 




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