The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Yes, I 'do' oracle work and readings, remotely or in person, with and/or without tools, depending on what clients are comfortable with. 

I reserve the right to interview clients before readings to ensure a good experience for both client and reader. I do not beat around the bush and will state honestly what I receive. If you do not want to hear the brutal, honest truth, please do not contact me for a reading. 

I do not condone or validate deceit.

I'm not a psychiatrist. If you have a history of depression or are on psychiatric medication, it is never a good idea to visit an honest psychic. 

Again, refer to my books about my lives as a psychic. 

More about what I 'do' and general energy exchange rates on my shopping page. 

Private interviews / visits can also be facilitated. I'm currently in Belize, so either in person readings, via social media, or email. 

Dragon Oracle Readings - Chronicles of Han - H Gibson Author 

This is my favourite oracle pack. Next is an old pack of dog-eared bicycle playing cards. Each pack has their own 'Oracle Angel', the one a dragon, the other an old lady (in all the years she never gave me her name).

The Dragon pack is temperamental and will show events far into the future where the Bicycle cards, although lacking in the Major Arcana gets physical life results I might have missed. Also, their Angel just never shut up when I take out the pack, endearing her audience (mostly me) with running commentary on private snippets out of the seekers life I really did not need to know. Such fun.

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