The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Please note that H Gibson is an Energy Worker, Reiki Master as well as a Minister

I do not condone labels as they set limitations and expectations. I am aware that people need to know your background thus I am mentioning it here. Please visit the shopping page for an average run-down of other things I 'do'. Please contact me if you have any specific requests or enquiries. 
Keep a lookout on my contact page for days set aside to speak to the public as these events are not charged for or donation obligated, even though all donations are welcome and used to sponsor the energy exchanges done for those in need who can not contribute through the regular means. 

Healings, balancing of energies, opening up for longevity will have to be in person. I'm currently in Belize, so make use of this opportunity to come and see me. 
Long distance Reiki healing is offered or sign up for the prayer list and receive daily Reiki/Energy Blessings going out around the Globe. 


Mahat Cosmic Healing

Fohat Energy Healing

Crystal Healing

H'men Healing

Essential Oils, individualized herbal preparations

I stand for Happy Peaceful Joyous and Harmonious with Divine Increase for the Highest Good.

I am by Purpose and not by Default thus all blessings come in divine timing.

Secrets of longevity, immortality, Creation, teleportation and telepathy revealed to those who read The Chronicles of Han Real Life Past Life Channelled Book Series

There is so much more I wish to show you, so little time to capture it all in book form for generations to come . . . 

San Ignacio - H Gibson - Belize - Macal River 3


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