The Chronicles of Han Storm

Book 1, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
      "Where shall we start? Out of the many lives I’ve lived in the physical realm, which life memory should I recall? I guess the best one should be the latest adventures that started on a Planet called Creata. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . ."
      Creata used to be Han's home planet. Having reached her limit of nine billion people, their Planetary Government was looking for ways of sustaining such huge numbers of people.
      It was at this time that they became aware of Han Storm, drawing him into the fray and before he knew it, he became indispensable to their needs. A reluctant pioneer, they turned him into a tool to be used for their ultimate goal of moving off-world.
Book 2, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
      "There are so many experiences one faces by oneself. These experiences are the hidden events that complete life in-between living within the physical. The little things that are not meant to be shared with physical entities. The secret happenings within your deepest Self. These are my experiences I did not originally want to share with this World. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . "
      The move off-world has begun. Now the real work starts.
Join Han as he battles the Government, personal relationships, love, hidden dimensions and the Hand of Destiny pushing him past perceived limitations into becoming a most extraordinary person.
      The Chronicles of Han, Reclaiming of Duback, is the relentless, non-stop, fast-paced conclusion to Preserving Creata.
This volume includes the list of 'Who-is-Who' in Han's World!
Book 3, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
      "Within the darkest depths of my soul, it is my task, my duty, to transmute my negative emotions into positive thoughts and an attitude befitting an incarnated High Lord. I know it is difficult and the way ahead of me is stacked with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. What the entities around me need is a positive leader to look up to. An eternal optimist that sees everything as growth opportunities. Someone who encourages people to perform to their very best. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . ."
      The time has come to visit Encha and her wet jungles of hell. Our hero faces life-changing choices, danger and intrigue at every unexpected and unpredictable turn in his multi-dimensional world.
      This volume includes a Graphic Starmap, a full colour Galaxy Plate and the updated version of 'Who-is-Who' in Han's World (with descriptions)!
Part 11, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
To all who have asked to share in more of Han's adventures.
      "Being linked to every spark of intelligent life within my Universe is to know the content within the hearts and minds of mankind.
      It is the way when being Navigator.
I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . "
Negotiating Limïer (Soon to come)
Part 12, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
"For the good of the Navigator's people and planet,
for the future of his children, and his own sanity,
Love served as the ultimate motivation.
I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . "
Opening Almeria (Soon to come)
Part 13, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
"With the honing of skills comes the responsibility of diversity.
Not one gift will stay unexposed while The Universe demands performance of functionality.
I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . "
Engaging Chlophilia (Coming Soon)
Part 14, The Chronicles of Han, Creata Adventure
The continuation of the Creata adventures
      "Whilst The Cosmos is the playing ground for endless variety, survival of the Self will be the nature of physical life.
      When foreigners meet, sparks might fly while ego and prejudice are revealed.
      I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . . "
Book 1, The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka Adventure
      "Leilaka! Birth place of physical experiences. Seeding Planet for Creation. Some will say a work of fantasy. I beg to differ. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . ."
      Leilaka is a brand new adventure following on 400 years after the lifetime of Han Storm from the Creata Adventures. After saving the people of his planet by opening interstellar travel for them, our intrepid hero, Han Storm, is imprisoned in criostasis as he is deemed a threat to the power of the Creata Migration Committee.
      Han eventually wakes up, finding himself without a memory of who he truly is, where he is, or what he should be doing in a strange new world filled with dragon riders, troll-like creatures, elves and other strange beings.
Book 2, The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka Adventure
      Han has to save Leilaka in order to save himself. For the first time in his existence, Han is presented with the choice to stay a servant-god, or become human. Does Han have enough time to make such a soul-decision?
      "When oblivion is threatened, drastic measures are engaged upon to negate the event, or alleviate losses to the minimum. With the original seeding ground for all Life in grave peril, The Creator sends in his most devoted servant.
I am Han, and this is my life memory . . . "
Recounting Leilaka (Coming Soon)
Book 3, The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka Adventure
      The third book on Leilaka, continuing Han's adventures on this unique planet, dictated by Han's son Kaleb Dameous, these are the stories behind the scenes, from Kaleb's perspective.
      "Living with a Legend is never an easy life.
      Filling the shoes of the Most Revered Person on your Planet is not a task I wish on anyone.
      Born a Prince, son of King Krish Dameous, Descendant of Master Han, I am Kaleb, and this is my life memory . . . "
Return to Leilaka (Coming Soon)
Book 4, The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka Adventures
      Han returns to Leilaka after being away for a thousand Leilakan years. What will he find? Find out by joining him in his continued adventures.
      "Who would believe me, after all my adventures?
      It would be as when a great Prophet has returned, as I have felt within my heart. Who would believe it anyway?
      Legends, Hearsay, Ancient Myths of the far past. Unsubstantiated retellings by folklore.
    I am Han, and this is my life memory . . . "
"It was not my original intention for people to grow and heal through reading The Chronicles of Han. I started to write the books to heal myself. My husband and a host of fans cannot wait to read the rest of my retellings, finding it extremely exciting stories." H Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han
            Caught up in a cooking oil explosion, I twice went into cardiac arrest, slipping away to the other side, to be returned for the greater good of mankind.
            Without challenge there is no growth, therefore Souls are tempered during incarnations. 
            I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .
After long discussions and advice that I should put myself back into this book as I do with my Past Life books, this new version of my NDE book has morphed into a tribute to the tenacity of survival, and a brief look at the reverence and mystery, or stigma and misery, near death or death experiences may elicit in the lives of NDErs and those around them. 
            Once again, this was not the original intent of the book. I just wished to tell my own story to the best of my abilities, healing by taking an in-depth look at how events transpired. 
            With the self-forgiveness this scrutiny brought, I can now finally leave this chapter in the past and move forward with the rest of my life.
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