The Chronicles of Han Storm

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The Chronicles of Han Storm, Recounting Leilaka

The third book on Leilaka, continuing Han's adventures on this unique planet, dictated by Han's son Kaleb Dameous, these are the stories behind the scenes, from Kaleb's perspective.


Living with a Legend is never an easy life.

Filling the shoes of the Most Revered Person on your Planet is not a task I wish on anyone.

Born a Prince, son of King Krish Dameous, Descendant of Master Han,

                I am Kaleb, and this is my life memory . . .


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Exclusive excerpt from Recounting Leilaka, dictated by Kaleb Dameous. 
" While I was a child, Moira was always near when Zeddan came to visit. 
     Zeddan and I were a Bonded Pair, belonging to each other. 
     Since I could remember, Zeddan had always been in my head. A steady, warm presense of courage, as well as a wise voice of reason. He was an Old Soul, remembering our previous lives lived as Huracan-Rider combination. 
     It was strange, but I knew all these things. I had memories of us being together in other lives. I knew how it worked to incarnate into a new life. But being a child was fun and I did not give this knowledge too much thought, rather concentrating on the life happening around me.
     Having taken Zeddan's presense in my head for granted, it took me years to realize why Moira sometimes spent time watching over me and Krishten. 
The first time I became aware that she actually relayed to my father what we were busy with was when Krishten broke her arm.
     We told Mother that she fell. Which was not far from the truth. 
     Reif had already set the bones and Dad had insisted the arm be set in what he called plaster, a fibrous mix of plant material and lime which dried into a hard cast. 
     Later that evening Dad called us into his study. 
     Habieb and the Huracan Master, Ragghwaart, were standing behind him. 
     "As both of you insist in riding your Huracan before the official time, this incident had brought it to my attention that you should at least be kitted out with saddles. 
     I can not prevent either one of you from riding, as I will not deny you this pleasure. All I insist upon is to wear the safety straps, so you do not slide off your Huracan mid flight over the Marsh!" 
     He was looking at Krishten, who blushed bright red, knowing she had been caught out. 
     We were dismissed, but curious, I asked Zeddan how Dad knew.
     *Moira saw all that happened. She was flying with us, keeping an eye on us, showing Han what she was seeing. I do this too for you. It is what we do. We observe. We see what you can not.*
     Well, to say the least, from that day forward, whenever Moira was around, I assumed my Father was seeing everything she was!"
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