The Chronicles of Han Storm

Adventures of Duke the Cattle Dog - Hello Mama-Cat


Hello Mama-Cat

Wow! Hold on!
What have we here?
I have not encountered anything like you before.
Do not come close.

But over the porch she walks.
Confident, determined, with a firm step, her belly bulging from side to side.
I actually like you.
She purrs and rubs up against me and I do not know what to do.
She goes over and drank my water and ate my food.
I allowed her to.

My Mom seems pleased and I am happy when she is delighted.
She calls this creature Mama-Cat, inviting her into our home.Mama-Cat can come and go as she pleases.
She stays with us through the day and goes away at night.
I wait for her in the morning to return to us and am so happy when I see her, I just wish to eat all of her, but end up slobbering all over her instead.
You see, I do not eat friends.
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