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Adventures of Duke the Dog - My People Family


This is my human mom. I am very gentle around her. She is also The Boss of this household and when she speaks, everyone listens . . .  except me.
I mostly do not listen when she calls me back from following an interesting scent.
Here I am on Dad's lap. He is strong and fun and plays ball and rough-and-tumble. I like playing with him. He is also scary when he comes to find me when I do not return when called. He then points to home and I run as fast as I can to get home. His temper is short-lived and by the time I'm finished with my routine of being cute, he is all smiles and forgiveness.
These are my mom's children. I love them dearly and just wish to be with them all the time. I panic when my family members are split up between their activities and I visit them one at a time to make sure they are okay.
At night when they are all herded into the house and the door closed securely, I lay in front of the door, guarding so none of them would escape from me during the night.
Duke is owned by H Gibson, author of The Chronicles of Han Book Series
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