The Chronicles of Han Storm

DtD 001 Coconuts Duke the Dog

Introduction to Duke the Dog

Hi. My name is Duke. I'm an Australian Cattle Dog. In the country where I stay, they call my kind 'Blue Heelers'.
My name used to be Dirk, but my mom decided to change it as she did not particularly liked 'Dirk'. Apparently that is still the name on my 'papers'.
As you can see, I do not have a tail. I do not have recollection about the event but my first Boss told my mom that I broke it at birth and the vet had to remove it.
Being without a tail is not easy when part of a pack where all the other members have tails.
I was shunned a bit and was not picked by the people who came to collect my brothers and sisters.
DtD 002 My half sisters and brothers Duke the Dog
That is me sitting at the back in the corner
Many weeks went by and when another litter of half brothers and sisters was born my father started punishing me for the slightest paw set wrong.
This did not sit well with The Boss' wife and one afternoon, after a massive snap to my face from my father, I was placed into a carry box in the back of the truck.
 DtD 003 Day one face swollen Duke the Dog
 My swollen face
We drove a long way to get to another place where unfamiliar women helped to remove me from the box.
They seemed delighted and so did The Boss and his wife.  
This is where The Boss left me and, as they drove away, I suddenly realized I had my own family, all to myself!
First my mom gave me a bath, then food and cuddles and hugs and lavished kisses all over me. Boy, do I just love all the attention.


DtD 004 Duke the Dog after Bath

 After my bath with my wounds treated with Axhilirit HO Healing Oil

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