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Journeys of a Psychic: What do you do 'for a living'?


When people ask what you do for a living, how do you respond?

I say I'm an author, with most people not seeming to hear this part, skipping the suggestion of asking me about my books, going straight to "(That is interesting) What else do you do?" as if being an author is not a full time job.
It seems as if pushing out books is generally believed to be just a hobby done by the wayside at a whim without effort from the author at all. Never mind you spending two years (or longer) of your life to bring a book to publish.

Okay, so you wish to know 'what else I 'do'?

Me: "I dabble in crystals, psychic phenomenon and energy healing."
Inquirer: "Come on, you must surely be kidding? What do you do for a living?"
Me: "I'm a non-practicing ordained minister and runs my own anti-ageing cosmetic company."
That one is a hard one to swallow and I always get a funny look.
Me: "True story. I died, had near death experiences, was sent back and healed completely from third degree burns to 35% of my body. This adventure has seen the birth of many Mystic Educational Past Life Recollection books, and Natural Skin Products that had improved the lives of thousand of people."
By this time the person would either politely excused themselves and leave in a hurry, or become a life-long fan.

Yes, sometimes the truth is weirder than fiction. Stick around. Visit my website. Have a read. You might just learn a few things in the process or at least be entertained.

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