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Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009.

Regarding Puppets, Fractals, Servants, Angels

 5 September 2011

The question was asked by a Servant that knows he is a Servant entity within physical human form, what about him? How does it work being a Servant, but living a 'normal' physical life?

        Most Servants, like Puppet bodies, do not realize that they are Servants to The Creator, directly linked to the Cosmic Grid. They live their lives, but tend to always be serving humankind in some or other manner.

        They are Guides to many within the guise of the 'normal' without anyone realizing that they are actually making contact with a divine being until that Servant has spent his or her life-term and returns Home.

        Then only do the humans that had come into contact with this person, realize that they have lost an angel, a divine being and they are sad for this occasion for they realize that they did not recognize The Creator's Servant in life.

        Some Servants realize very soon that they are 'different' from the normal and find it difficult to adjust to a physical life, hiding their gifts, never using it to the full. When they return Home, they are re-educated, re-assigned or given another chance on starting out on the way of free-willed.


Then can this difference in Soul-Spirits be scientifically proved? Does a Servant or Angel's DNA differ from normal people?

        No, generally the DNA in a normal physical body does not differ. If you incarnate into a certain race, using the normal channels, i.e. conceived, spawned, hatched, fertilized, spliced, grown, cloned, the DNA of the body, the housing, stays the same as it is appropriate for that area of Creation.

        It is only within certain Cosmic situations that it is deemed necessary for very specific bodies and these are created to the specifications of The Creator, using a mix of Cosmic and physical DNA strands, as in my lifetime lived as Han Storm.

        This gives scope of on-the-spot change and The Creator can change the Servant on a physical level into whatever is needed at any specific point in 'time'.

        What does happen when a Servant uses Cosmic Energy within a normal DNA body, the vibrations of the body changes and adjusts as necessary, and the DNA strands are cleared from retained physical negative cell memory that had been handed down from the 'parents' or the providers of the body.

        This is where the perception of 'the sins of the fathers will be handed down to the children' bit comes in. It is the retained DNA memory of all that has happened with the previous bodies to come to this point in creating a new body. The child inherits this retained cell memory or DNA memory.

        It is a good thing that there are practitioners that realize that this is a problem and can actually help individuals to clear this memory, for the individual to build a new memory, a better, positive memory for the next generation.

        'In the Genes' suddenly gets a whole new meaning.

        Angels are the only Celestial Beings that can incarnate, take physical form, or manifest within physical form instantaneously for as long as it is needed. This is a special gift they possess and is needed for various things, from protection to support of their individual charges.

        But, being an Angel, it is highly unlikely that anyone had ever tried to test one when in physical form.



Then how do you recognize alternative Soul-Spirits within body form? How do you tell them apart? How do you know who is free-willed and who Angelic and who Servant, or otherwise?

        Mostly, only true Psychics can distinguish between Soul-groups. Those that did not receive training in what they see, does not even realize that this 'body' in front of them differ slightly from 'normal' people.

        In most regards people simply get a feeling that someone is 'special' and will be attracted to that person, subconsciously knowing that they will be very close to their Creator when in the vicinity of this 'special' person and The Creator can bring His Consciousness into a Servant at any time, without the Servant even realizing this is happening.

        This is how spontaneous healings happen, why certain 'prophets' or 'healers' are revered for their 'skills'. It really does not come from us. It comes from The Creator.


Then you wish to know, but there are people that channel all sorts of spirit healers.

        Yes, there are and most of these people are fully free-willed Soul-Spirits, allowing their bodies to be used in this way in order to help broken, malfunctioning and depleted bodies to be repaired.

        These healer guides or healer spirits have extensive experience in their fields of expertise and can help heal the physical body far quicker than normal. In most cases it addresses the energetic fields as well as the emotional and physical fields.

        [Ronald calls them 'Surgical Spirits'. Thanks for the humour, it is much appreciated.]


How do you know if someone is a Servant Soul-Spirit?

        Very few free-willed Soul-Spirits will ever recognize a Servant, other than that the person 'feels' different, not 'one of them'. Servants usually stay 'outsiders' unless the Servant had learnt how to 'hide' their 'difference' and to integrate quite successfully into the society they had been placed to serve.

        Within vibrational difference, a psychic may pick up that the aura colour differs (more metallic), or the energy make-up is slightly different. In most regards a Servant is NOT GROUNDED and no matter what the poor 'healer' tries, the 'client' does not stay grounded.

        Healers or energy workers and psychics on this Earth realm are only now starting to realize that there are so many more variations than what had originally been taught, as the original teachings suddenly no longer fit everyone.

        'One size fits all' has disappeared off the face of Earth, especially due to the Universal Shifts that are happening in this section of Creation at the moment.

        When you come across someone that does not originate from here, but a person that had incarnated from another section of Creation, an original 'alien' Soul-Spirit, one usually note the difference in personality immediately. One usually does not 'get' them.

        Parents do not understand their children and teachers do not know what to do with these children that vibrate differently and who need a different approach to life.

        The children are the ones that suffer for they had come to this Hub where all the changes are happening. But it is a very good thing, for most children born now will be open-minded to the new Earth Energies and the possibilities of Portals, Worm-holes and all sorts of exciting new things for this area of Creation.

        In the end, they will make the difference and take the human race to new heights.

        When psychics see the energies of these 'different' children, they do not always realize what they are looking at. When you can see the energy signature, or Soul-aura, you can actually see where such an 'alien' comes from.

        Being around the block of Creation a few times, I personally recognise from where a Soul-Spirit originates, due to the vibration and colour of the Soul-aura around the soul within the person's heart.



Regarding Souls

        Yes, that little pinprick of light that is really you, mostly resides within (or just underneath) the physical heart. It is there to gather instantly all the emotional experiences of the physical life and returns to the true realms of life after the body had perished.

        The ancient Egyptians were not far from the truth with their 'legends' of the soul and spirit being two separate units that ultimately makes a single entity.


How do you know if someone is a puppet body or fractal of an OverSelf?

        Puppet bodies. Not a new concept, but one that seems to be vaguely important, but not a real issue on Earth. The Tibetan people are firm believers in this concept.

        As explained in detail in my books, a puppet body is a body that had been created by a Source Creator or Puppet Master for its own use. Ascended Masters have grown too large within their Soul-Spirits to be able to contain all of themselves within a singular body.

        Puppet Masters are usually extremely important free-willed Soul-Spirits that have been placed in control of extensive areas of Creation.

        In order for them to be able to have control over a specific situation in whatever physical part of Creation they need to serve, they split their own consciousness and a part of their spirits into various parts, incarnating these parts into hundreds and sometimes thousands of physical entities at the same time.

        Sometimes, but very seldom, an Ascended Master will allow a part of their soul to accompany a specific body for a specific purpose. But generally, only the spirit is housed within the body and the soul is lacking.

        How can anyone function without a soul, you may ask? Not easily, but if you are strictly a tool, run by someone else, you do not really need a soul, for your soul is housed somewhere else, just not in the body.

        Most puppet bodies never know, or knew they were puppet bodies, returning to their Source Creator when the life-time is over, re-uniting with the Source Creator, giving the Ascended Master all the experiences of its physical life.

        When an Ascended Master starts to become fond of a specific puppet variation, it can start sending this puppet body (or piece of spirit) to a new body with a little bit of its own soul.

        This enables the puppet body to start gathering emotional experiences that will stay its own and soon the puppet body, if used regularly, develops an identity of its own.

        This new, very young 'soul' learns and grows, safe in the knowledge that it has total backing from its Puppet Master and that when a physical life had been finalized, it can return home without regret or judgement for the Puppet Master was mostly in control.

        Then comes the joyous and sad day that the puppet body decides that it had had enough of servitude to its Master and would like an opportunity to grow by itself, to become a fully free-willed entity on its own.

        It is taken before the Cosmic Council and if deemed fit and ready, procedures for its release from its Source Creator would be instigated and finally a release would be made and a pure, new soul emerges.

        This is similar as to how all entities were originally created. But The Creator had seen that Its creations wanted to become similar to their Creator and had given them the opportunity to do so.

        Mostly, only free-willed entities and then only Ascended Masters at this stage, are allowed to 'create' new souls from their own souls.


        There are two ways of recognizing someone as a puppet body. The easiest is when a person is not always 'there'. Yes, in body form the person will be operating as per usual, but, as Hanneli's husband says, 'the wheel is turning but the hamster is missing'.

        That is a good indicator that the person might have other functions, but this is for Servants as well, so how else can we see what is the difference.

        Psychics can pick up on the vibration of a soul. It is a bright golden light at the base of the heart and sometimes a bit more to the middle of the body. Some sees it as a bright star that balances the body.

        At other times this bright light is lacking or faint and this is a good indication that this person might be a puppet body.

        Confirmation can always be achieved by asking your own individual Divine Support Team or Guides for answers in whichever way you usually receive it, e.g. be it confirmation through Universal Cards or a pendulum.

        If it is in your best interest to know, or the Querant's (client's) interest, the answers will be given.

        When an Angel is in physical form, a psychic will pick up on them as an extremely bright light and in most regards, not even a camera would be able to take a physical image of the 'person'.

Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009.


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