The Chronicles of Han Storm

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Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009.

4 September 2011

It was asked how it felt being re-united with my past lives within human form? How can one cope with this? What does it feel like to remember all that I do?

        The easy answer is that that is what I, as an individual Soul-Spirit do. It is one of my functions and I was originally created to be able to cope with having 'total recall'.

        But as stated before, within my retellings, in order for me to be able to do my Universal functions, full memory is initially withheld from a physical body until I need to do my functions as specified for that specific body.

        Not all my bodies were created to allow for this function of remembrance and most of the bodies I had to simultaneously play Puppet Master to within this current time-frame, were not suitable or adaptable to this specific function.

        That is another reason why Han, the Earth body-consciousness that I still retain, had guidance from birth by Thomas and had been guarded by my very own Celestial Light Guardian, healed by Katrina and later Duek had also been incorporated to help guard her as she was re-awakened to her full potential and most of my memories.

        Some details are not allowed to filter down as it is Restricted Cosmic Information. But general life-times lived before are available for reference if needed within this lifetime, which are now only needed to complete the books. These memories are allowed to be replayed and translated as near to the truth as possible in order to bring alternative ways of being, of experiencing to soul-entities, free-willed and otherwise.

        My experiences are also a guide to other Servant Entities that they may change their destinies if they so wish, as long as they can live with the new responsibilities their choices will bring about.

        It is not easy to give up Servitude and follow your own way, to become a free-willed entity. It is difficult to incarnate into a physical body as free-willed and suddenly to realize that you are, basically, on your own, responsible for your own actions, and you have only the guidance of your appointed Divine Support Team.

        And then suddenly, in physical form, you are cut off from the direct energy of The Creator, you lack the spontaneous 'invincible' gifts you used to have, and in most regards you do not even remember that you used to be something totally different.

Now the long version:

        Han had known from the beginning that she was different and she was prepared from very little to be able to deal with the ultimate invasion of all my memories.

        As child she had been subjected to some of my life memories I had on Earth before, 'dreaming' lives from birth to death in a night. Throughout the day she was always aware of other lives 'running' at the same time, being consciously aware of some of my other puppet bodies I had at the same time-span on Earth.

        She was even aware when these bodies died and were re-gained within myself. Being different did not make her life easier. Being aware of all this going on, not being able to tell people about what she experience, prepared her for all that she are doing currently.

        After she had 'died' or actually been opened up to all the possibilities of what she truly is, it was not that difficult to keep in mind where she was in 'now-time' and where she is when working with active Cosmic Recordings.

        What does it feel like when Han remembers my memories?

Han: "It is not different from remembering my own life memories of this lifetime lived as H Gibson.

        To me, it is me, on an Overself level. I remember my memories as if it is yesterday and can pick them out from over millennia as to what I need.

        I mostly concentrate only on the memories that are relevant to the books, but by books, I concentrate on three or four sets of memories simultaneously yet have the ability to know what goes where and I know what the timelines are.

        For me it is as easy as putting my own memories on paper. I just know what had happened and that is what I write.

        At least, now with being separated from my OverSelf, I do not have the intense emotional feedback as I used to have and in some regards my life is a bit easier, here on Earth, knowing that I will return Home, satisfied that I have done my function to the best of my ability, becoming one being, as I am the only small part of my OverSelf that is still lacking to make him truly all of himself again."


Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009.


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