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Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2018

3 September 2011 

Regarding this calling on assistance of those who had gone before? How does this work, for Ascended Masters can only 'be' in 'one' place at a time, yet many had claimed to have seen or felt their spirit in many places at once? The religions based on their teachings mention that they are everywhere at once.

        And this is just how it works. Within spirit form one can be many places at the same time, yet sometimes, when a specific Higher Entity do not wish to deal directly with a certain individual, or a group, it can send emissaries in its stead, which carries the vibrational frequency into that situation without the entity having to be actively and consciously involved.

        This is how Ascended Masters can be everywhere at once, aware of everything, but still retaining control over situations, over individuals. Some individual Ascended Masters prefer to stay within this Earth Realm. They prefer not to move on to other areas of creation and want to see Earth grow within herself and her people.

        Those that do not wish to have any more relations with this specific realm, but have left a legacy of teachings behind, usually safeguard themselves by not using their Cosmic Vibrational Names within a physical incarnation.

        Little bit behind the times (or way ahead), I did not consider this to be a potential problematic situation and just went along on my merry way, using my name as given to me by The Creator.

        I am told that I should not belittle myself like this, for I am considered 'Old School', not very wise in the ways of evolvement within the physical realms of free-willed Soul-Spirits.

        It was with trial and error and living for millennia within a specific physical environment that The Masters have learnt to safeguard their real identities. This avoided being hassled by other Soul-Spirits when you no longer wish any association with them, or wish to move away from a particular environment.

        And this will be the same for me. I am moving on, had moved on numerous times in the past, away from this area of creation. Yet there were and still are those that call upon my name in times of need.

        Therefore, a whole department with its own Council had been created to facilitate the tasks as I had promised people originally. Now I have emissaries that do these functions and they are as informed and as powerful within their tasks of assistance as I used to be.

        They carry forward my work and when people call on my Soul-name, they will still receive the energetic safeguarding and response as I have promised.   


Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2018



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