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Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2018

1 September 2011 06h00am

The question was asked - why this body of H Gibson? Why do I consider this specific body to be the one to 'channel' all this information and retellings through?

        Hanneli had always been my very own body. She was the one that could be manipulated into the correct version for my particular vibrations, and for a little while, she had to house me as fully as possible when my World had been disrupted and I was moved before my time.

        Within this body were all the possibilities to become myself again, as I have always been myself within singular physical form.

        Unfortunately, this world is not yet ready for those that wish to come again and they await the time when minds had been re-opened and Earth had moved into a new vibrational level.

        But what now, with me housing my soul no longer within this last body of mine, but having moved on to my new residence not near the realms of Earth?

        Now my puppet body relies heavily upon my graces to sustain her remotely. She turns to Thomas and Duek, who are still in active attendance of this major part of my spirit, for help and encouragement. My whole Divine Support Team carries her as far as needed, yet my carefully instilled gifts are lacking unless I need to channel specific information through to her.

        It had become a balancing act of where I have most of my attention. Here, where I am residing now, or giving my undivided attention to Hanneli, to become most of myself in order to finalise my work on Earth as agreed upon.

        In other regards, she cannot function when I am needed for Universal Work and she becomes tired and depleted to the point where 'sleep' had, once again, became a priority.

        She is still aware of many things going on behind the scenes but is reminded all the time that this is not for her to focus on. Her only singular function now is to survive upon this Earth realm until my work is finished on Earth.

        Moira does no longer reside within this body, as she is connected to my soul and all of my soul is now congregated into a fully functional entity standing apart from this puppet body.

        It brings trepidation to Hanneli, to my body, but when I come 'home' to this body for very short periods of Earth 'time', we feel whole again, and then I have to leave and my body is overwhelmed with sadness at our separation.

        It cannot be helped and this is how it will be till the end of this physical life. Now I am here, for a while, then I have to leave to do my other functions. I no longer have the luxury to indulge within this physical life, to share so fully in the 'new' experiences for this realm of existence.

        I know, it is sad, but it cannot be helped. It is just the way things are at the moment.

        So yes, Hanneli was me, is me, as fully and totally as an Ascended Master could ever be entrenched within a physical body, but no longer residing within her, just being aware of being aware within her, at times.


Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009.


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