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Regarding Negative Experiences

Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2018

25 Dec 2011 21h05pm Sunday Xmas day

        Why do I always remember the negative experiences the clearest?

        The heartache, the challenges, the problems?

Because without negativity there cannot be positive growth!

        Negativity is the melting pot of ingenuity. If you have to, you will find a way or perish.

        Negativity and challenges build character, it brings determination to succeed, to finish, to live this physical life to the full no matter what the challenge you are up against.

        It is defying the odds, saying no, I do not want to stay this way, live this way, allow this way I am in right now.

        Then people say, I did not ask for the stroke, heart attack, rape, murder, etc. to occur within my life.

        Now, did you truly wish on a spiritual level to experience this negativity? How does the normal man in the street know that this was part of his or her chosen path, part of their chosen experiences to grow within their soul to new levels of understanding?

        An easy self-test that can be used is the following: Take a pendulum, or a chain with a weight hanged from it (special ring with your vibrations within it); dangle it by the chain/rope/attachment over your left wrist and ask if this experience was part of your Divine planning. A straight line swing, back and forwards will indicate 'no' and a circular movement clockwise 'yes', where a circular movement anti-clockwise indicates a negative 'yes' which means that your specific planning had been adjusted to accommodate other people's planning. It means a change that had been made on a soul level.

        It you have no response from the pendulum, it will be wise to consult a professional if the situation is really bothering you.

        While you are experiencing the specific negativity, you cannot and do not want to understand, at the instant it is happening, that this negative experience may be turned into a positive experience, a learning curve. It is the hardest thing in life to do. The animal kingdom merely and mostly just accepts their experiences and move on.

        We do not. We want to investigate, see what we have done wrong to be punished so severely. We are not being punished. We are mostly merely living out our paths as chosen by ourselves before we have come here, and no matter how excruciatingly hard we find these negative experiences at the time of their enactment, they are actually positive experiences on a soul level.


        Not all negativity is a learning curve, a school to state: 'what lesson did I have to learn?' Sometimes just our determination to live on after atrocities is the Grade we have made, the Medal of Honour upon our bodies that we have done it.

        And it shows other people that there is more to be thankful for than what they see around them.

        Then you ask: but did I really plan this to happen to me?

        And I tell you that it is a very intricate matter for free-willed entities are linked so securely into their support systems that they can choose to change their paths upon this physical lifetime.

        Before we take a physical body for ourselves on a physical plane of existence, we mostly plan what we wish to experience in order to gain the most out of this physical life-term. We do not wish to waste this energetic opportunity.

        This planning is not rigidly adhered to by your Divine Support Team, the entities that are there to keep you on the 'straight and narrow'. Things change, especially when a second or third party becomes involved to share this life-opportunity. Then the Divine Support Teams of the individuals need to talk together, see what experiences were the most important between the two or more parties and what opportunities are needed to be recreated.

        The planning bit is easy, it is the execution that becomes a nightmare.

        When you have incarnated into a physical body, the first quarter of the lifetime is sort-of easy to manage, with the parents being involved within the child's development. Open minded parents allow their children to grow into their own planned paths without much interference. Similarly does un-caring parents.

        Close-minded parents may ruin the planning totally with rigid systems, but in most of these regards, the incarnated child needed or wished for this kind of upbringing.

        By the age of two, most characters had been established for the incarnated entity that you had chosen to portray upon an incarnation. As life continues and the experiences around you unfold, you grow within your own chosen path, with your Divine Support Team helping you along the way.

        Most humans are brought up on a fear-based system, and this is where the cookie starts to crumble. What you fear, you create for yourself. When you fear so intensely, you draw negativity into your life that was not part of the original planning.

        What you concentrate upon is what is picked up by your Divine Support Teams as what you wish to experience outside your normal planning and plans are put into existence to accommodate these unintentional negative desires.

        Therefore, be very careful what you wish for, or excessively ponder upon, you are creating it into your world.

        Sometimes things merely happen, you would say. And it really does. Sometimes, within the intricacies of planning, especially when there are more than one incarnated entity involved, things do not run strictly according to plan and plans are adjusted to accommodate a middle ground, especially within households.

        Within this planning, the Soul-Spirits are consulted on a one-on-one basis and new agreements are incorporated in the original planning.

        When groups of people are involved in major events, there are sometimes innocent by-standers that 'did not get' the messages from their Divine Support Teams and these are the casualties of planning, the ones that happen to be 'at the wrong place at the wrong time'.

        If an individual's planning is disrupted beyond repair by external events, the Soul-Spirit is usually compensated for the inconvenience either when the Soul-Spirit returns to the Higher Worlds or within a next incarnation opportunity.

        In the past, when Earth's path was still solid and 'three dimensional' events were planned beforehand and played out almost strictly according to the plans.

        Now, with Earth already into the fourth and fifth dimensional energetic vibrational state, events are varied and hundreds of variables can be followed for any single reaction of a single individual.

        Time, as we knew it, had sped up and individuals are taking a more hands-on approach to their experiences. They have more freedom of choice, more freedom to change their stars for whatever they wish to experience over and above their planning, their original contracts.

        Right now, individuals with a higher education, can change their advance planning on a need to know basis. If you have learnt a lesson, or experienced what you wanted, you can move on to more enjoyable experiences. You no longer need to sit in the rut of poverty-consciousness, you can transcend your negative experiences, if it is for your soul's good.

        There are still overseers that will help adjust individuals to this new way of experiencing within a physical environment. When you are deemed ready, you will be released from your 'wheel of life' to work closely with your Divine Support Team to streamline experiences that you wish, not necessarily to overcome negative challenges.

        Challenges are good. They keep the interest, making life interesting and not boring. But too much of a good thing has never been that good, and when you are saturated with a certain type of negativity, remember that you can change your life, within this lifetime.


Extracts: Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, Last Incarnation as H Gibson. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2018

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