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#AQOTD - Why I do not openly speak about my previous Earth lives

I've had had many earth lives, mentioning some of them briefly in my books.

Because some of these past lives on Earth are historically linked I do not openly speak about it. Some were terrible incarnations, others harsh where conflicts are still experienced today. In another, the history runs through for thousands of years as legend and beliefs in certain sectors. The latest one ended 44 years ago. 

When one is aware of your friends, children and grandchildren, now old people, also on their way home, you can not get involved. You died. You reincarnated into another culture on another continent, yet you went and actively sought old friends and your previous family, for you remember. But to them, you have passed on. 

It is hard for me, sad for me, but also wonderful to have this opportunity to be able to remember and to be able to see (and follow silently, thank you FB and Google) what they do, had done, achieved. 

As to my current family. I also do not discuss this with them. My children know some of my lives but will not mention it due to issues with society. My husband accepts me as I am and do not try and figure out when I'm sad or upset sometimes. They leave me to work through my issues. I love them all the more for this wonderful life opportunity to lead it with them.

H Gibson, Author,
11 September 2017


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