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Upon Parallel Lives

Excerpt from H Gibson's Private Diary

16Jul2011 Saturday 18h11pm:

Just returned from a journey to say goodbye from a life lived parallel to this one. I am feeling so sad as I have missed my funeral and was only shown my friends and where they were reminiscing about it. At least they had a load of published photos and I could see what actually went on.

        It was an affair of National proportions. The desert town I used to stay in was so full there was not a space for a rat and even the round, spiky stays (individual flatlets) behind the stables were occupied.  Neat little accommodation units with toilet, shower, bed, eating and sitting room space. I am glad that they are finally finished and had been completed for this momentous event. I am satisfied with the finishing, having had a lot of headaches with the contractors. They did a stunning job.

        The stables are built on a slight hill and all the polo horses are stabled here, as well as the jumpers and the Eventers. My whole string is now ridden by my best friend.

        My son is still angry that we did not fight the cancer, that I just gave up, relinquished life and allowed a horse to kill me instead. My wife is coping, getting on with it, glad that I went out in a bang instead of dying slowly, continuing the business as per usual.

        The photos showed the little riders, my first time students and loads of horse-men and -woman lining the roads, all dressed up in their best, the horses groomed for showing, white flowers in their manes and tails, bushes of white flowers lining the roads in droves, white flowers weaved into jumps as the hearse was pulled by black horses and at the open grave, my friends jumped my jumpers over my coffin to say good-bye.

        My grey cat has left with my death, they cannot find her. They think she has gone feral.

        It is strange to know that I had had many direct previous remembrance from this specific body-consciousness regarding that place where I used to reside.

        I recognised it immediately now that I have returned to it consciously. It was this life with the horses that had filtered down. That I had dreamed about numerous times in this specific body.

        I have had my successful life with my horses somewhere else and I am content now. I do not need to follow up on it or complete it within this one.

        This has also made me aware that each and every 'talent' that has filtered through to this body, might and probably was adhered to and explored fully within another parallel lifetime.

        Is this not just great that I am now consciously aware what is going on? I know it is difficult for people to start to comprehend. As AJM had aptly stated. Theory is seeing first hand experience within me, where I am now, being so aware of everything.

        And can I tell this to my loved ones? Can I start to explain to them what I feel, what I have done, who I have been while still being a part of his world, of this body, yet being aware of being a part of other worlds as well?

        Will they think me insane, boastful, different?

        Or might they accept that which I tell them? May I share what I am going through at the moment? What sacrifices I have made for this body's family?

        I am told to let it be for now. It will adversely affect the relationship between us. Just let it be. Move on. Leave all this for later. Deal with what you can at the moment. Let go of the sadness for a life lived well and materialistically successful.

        It will only bring jealously and discord within this house to know that somewhere else another life had been lived in luxury across the exact 'time-frame' as this one was lived in a constant challenge. 

        Yes, people have the notion that the lives lived are 'run' at the same time, yet they do not have the understanding what it means to be an Overself, a Puppet Master, having bodies that live on the same environment and/or within different dimensions and parallel worlds at the same time.

        They have a notion that this is thus and some know, but to experience it consciously, first hand, and to be able to bring this to others that are mostly only themselves is so interesting.



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