The Chronicles of Han Storm

00 - Chronicles of Han Teachings Protection Safeguarding

Many have asked how to Protect and Safeguard themselves from elements other than the physical.

This is a short collection in a nutshell I've put together for Seekers in 2008. 


Alternative ways to Safeguarding yourself from negativity not created by yourself

Sometimes we forget to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and our immediate environment from negativity. As lightworkers, we are committed to helping other humans grow into enlightenment and full, positive lives. As we deal with the transmutation of negativity to positivity, it is extremely important to safeguard against “picking up” the negative vibes and unconsciously making it our own. The following guidelines will help you create a safe haven for yourself and all coming into contact with you.

The air is full of unseen frequencies and vibes. Electricity, radio waves, television waves, microwaves, electromagnetic fields, negative earth energies, negative thoughts and toxic emotions, even deliberate ill-wishing.

How do you protect yourself and your surroundings from this environmental and personal pollution?

There are many different ways of doing this. Using all the tools in combination with each other works the best.


Source Energy/Creator/God/All That Is:

No harm can come to those in protection of Source energy (God) when you have your safety bubble established.

There are many individual ways of connecting to Source energy. Use the method known to you to do this. If you have no current method, try the following:

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for a few minutes.

Stand upright and imagine your energy running from your base chakra to your crown chakra. Imagine you pulling the energy from the red, into the orange, into the yellow, into the green, into the blue, into the indigo, into the violet, through the crown chakra and up, up, up to a place where you suddenly feel love, peace, harmony.

This is the feeling you get when you connect to Source. 

Stay in this feeling for a few seconds and then feel yourself being pulled back to Earth along this connection to re-enter the body and fill and activate all the chakras, now only in reversed order.

When you’ve renewed your own energy in this way, see a bubble or shield forming around you, connecting under your feet leaving a small hole. 

Now see any negativity within yourself flow out of this hole at your feet into Mother Earth where she will renew it into positive energy.  When all the negativity is out of your bubble you may close this bubble bottom and top to retain this energy for yourself. 

This energy is renewable at all  times so you can use this energy and give it away as you wish, secure in the knowledge that no harm can come to you.


Clearing the House and immediate environment from negativity.

Disperse all negative energies by centering yourself within the house (try find the energy point of the house – usually in the middle), link to Source and create a safety bubble around yourself. Next use the Source energy to disperse all the negative energies within the house. See the Source energy as a flow around and under objects, within every inch of the house, even above the ceiling under the roof. Now create a safety bubble around the house, draining all negative energy from the bubble into Mother Earth to be restored and used as new energy. Close this bubble around your house and using Source energy clear all spaces on the outside of your house up to the perimeter of your yard. Create a bubble around your yard, include separate bubbles for your vehicles and pets.

Burn incense in all rooms to clear remaining residue and to invite and thank the Light Beings helping you

Use sea salt (mixed with incense ash optional) to lay a “safety/protection ring” around your House and around your Perimeter. You can use an incantation such as “I Bless this House with Love and Protection. No negativity can enter here. Only the Creator’s Good manifest here and now.” Whatever is appropriate for you will come to you when you start doing this.

Use Holy/Blessed water to reinforce the salt blessing. You can make your own Holy water by putting water into a crystal or glass container in the Sun for 3 Hours, Reiki with appropriate blessings every hour on the hour. Reiki 3-4 times. Start, 1st Hour, 2nd Hour, Finish. Sprinkle the Holy water around the perimeter of the House as well as on all the window sills/windows and in front of all the doors.  If you have a patio, the patio is part of the House and bless around the patio. You can bless windows and doors on top of the patio as well. Do not neglect vehicles, outside buildings and pet dwellings.

Holy/blessed water can be strengthened by the help of crystals. Place Black Tourmaline, Fire Agate, Fluorite and Rose Quarts in the water as well. (At least Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz).

These crystals can also be worn on your person, inside a handbag or placed around the house, especially in the sleeping quarters.

As we are 70% water, place Rose Quartz and Fluorite crystals in your water containers. (Tourmaline is poisonous so should not be taken orally). The water will be activated with the crystal vibrations within 24hours.

Affirmations can be placed over all doors, within vehicles and can be worn on the person. Blessed/Reiki affirmations are a powerful tool to avert/negate negativity. I find that writing the affirmations on a blank page, usually 7 or 9 of the same (or the amount needed for doors, vehicles and persons), painted in the colours of the aura and appropriately blessed works the best. Cut these in strips so you have one affirmation to each strip. Stick these strips onto the lintels of the outside of doors. Fold small and incase in plastic to place within vehicles and on persons.

When doing the safety Prayer, put a bubble of light around each of you, then around your house, then around your yard, pets and vehicles. Know that you are safe within this bubble from all negativity, do it as many times a day as you wish.



The Creator gave us Light Beings to protect and safeguard us at all times.

The Creator gave us Angels and Sentries to protect us, Archangels to oversee all workings in our lives, assistance through a ministry of Angels who are keenly supported by Guides, and all this because we are precious and loved. So why should we not be protected and safe at all times.



Stress and frustration - own: Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Stress and frustration in other people: Smokey Quartz

Protection: Black Tourmaline

Aura – Protective shield: Fluorite

Aura – Protectors: Apache Tears, Labradorite

Aura – Detach mental influences: Kunzite, Selenite

Aura – Strengthens: Magnetite

Aura – Repels negative energies: Pyrolusite

Angels – Guardian attract: Celestite

Angels – Divine protection: Amethyst

Interference from physical/spiritual worlds: Pyrolusite

Mental influences – unwanted/unasked for: Kunzite, Selenite

Reflect harm back to the source for understanding: Fire Agate

Love and Harmony: Rose Quartz

Loving vibrations: Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Electromagnetic fields: Fluorite clusters, quartz next to the television or computer

Environmental pollution: Turquoise

Protection against negative energies and ill-wishing: Black Tourmaline, Black Jade, Fluorite, Jet, Smoky Quartz

Cleansing negative energies: Amber, Bloodstone

Protection against high-frequency communications antennas, microwaves, infrared, radar, radiation: Herkimer Diamond, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Yellow Kunzite

Psychic Vampirism: Green Aventurine

Energy Loss: Labradorite



Psychic Vampires:

These are the people that feed on energy. You enjoy this person’s company, but when they leave, you feel exhausted. Or you have all the energy in the world until this person comes into your space. These people are psychic vampires. There are different ways of dealing with these people.

If you have experience in energy work you can shield yourself (safety bubble around yourself), link up to Source energy and send this energy from the heart chakra to the person that usually drains your energy. In this way you link the person with Source energy and they can gain as much energy as needed without draining you. Or if the other person has experience in energy work you can kindly remind that person that it is unkind to take other people’s energy. You can remind this person to link up to Source energy themselves.

Alternatively you can use crystals to help shield you.


Psychic Attacks:

This happens when someone, deliberately or inadvertently sends negative thoughts to us to harm us or bring us ill wishes. This usually arises out of anger, envy, jealousy or ignorance. Use Source Energy as protection/safety on a daily basis to negate these negative energies. You can use all the other tools as well. Prevention is better than cure.

Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2008


Safety & Negativity Prayer:

Dear Creator, Angels and other Light Beings

I/we ask that the White Light of Your Love, Peace and Harmony surround and protect us this day and every day.

I/we ask that it cleanse and purify our souls.

I/we release to the light now any negativity as so much dark smoke to be absorbed by the White Light, causing no one harm.

Let nothing but love and positive energy pass into or out of this protective bubble of light around us.

So be it.

From: Sylvia Brown


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