The Chronicles of Han Storm


To this day, some of the strange happening of the evening of my death, NDEs and resurrection will never be explained in a conventional way.

Before anyone was allowed to see me, a brightly shining lady came into my ICU cubicle. I was for all practical purposes blind, my face as swollen as a blackly charred pumpkin thrown in a fire, yet I saw her clearly.

"I will just leave this here, love" she told me. "When you are better, you may have a look at it. Just know there are many praying for you and that you are loved."

With these words she placed a piece of paper into the drawer where my personal effects were kept, smiling before leaving. 

Later, when the nurse returned, I asked her about this lady going about between the patients in the ward. The nurse stated there was no-one and besides, in the burns isolation, all visitors must be dressed in protective gear at all times.

Ten days later, when I could see again, I managed to have a look in the drawer, finding an A4 sheet with this prayer on. It was comforting and the event occupied many a lonely hour as to who this Angel was, for the only explanation I could come up with was supernatural.

I've used this prayer many times for others, as well as giving it out to people needing healing on all levels. Now it is here, one of the elements that assisted in keeping me focused to heal physically from my third degree burns. 


Distant Healing Prayer

Dear Father Mother God

Divine source of all Love and Light

We ask that

As we gather here together

We may truly be receptive to

That wonderful emanation of your love.

May we be able to link with your Golden Light

And draw it deep within our hearts;

And experience the Peace, the Joy and the Harmony

So that we may become true channels

Able to radiate this Light as a healing Ray

To all those in need all over the World.


We ask for help and understanding for all mankind

So that we may truly learn the lessons of life

And unfold the Wisdom.


Help us to overcome greed and selfishness, corruption and cruelty

Make us more aware of our responsibilities,

Particularly to our Animal and Plant kingdom.

And may we ask for Illumination

For all Mankind

In order to cleanse our planet

And draw to it the Light - the Love - and the Power necessary.


We especially ask for your Healing Rays to reach out to the following people …

so now may we please make ourselves

a Channel of Light

a Channel of Love

and radiate this Healing force to all whom we now mention

                                    Audrey Murr Coplan

                                    NFSH Healer

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