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Telepathic Psychic

I was asked why I do not use Telepathic skills actively in this lifetime.


Really Bad Thoughts

      On Earth, most people do not know how to contain their thoughts. They wear it around themselves, as if clothed by it, thus when a trained person look at someone you see, and feel, immediately what someone thinks about most of the time.

      In an overwhelmingly large percentage of people, thoughts are negative, on the base levels, inappropriately ugly, mean and aggressive.

      This is the reason spiritual teachers regularly state to rather mingle with people or nature where the vibrations are harmonious and in balance.

      A lion does not think 'kill/maim/annihilate' when it hunts. A lion thinks 'food'. Humans do not.

      A simple example. I see a young woman. She draws my attention because of her hectically bad acne. Her thoughts state she wishes to commit suicide because of this condition.

      I offer her Rejuvinit Beauty Oil that will clear the condition in no time and even negate the scarring within two weeks.

      "No thanks, just looking" she states and walks away.

      I will not repeat the unflattering thoughts about my products that followed. Thus I stood there, devastated because I know she can be helped, if she wishes to be helped.

      Which she clearly does not. She does not trust life. She does not trust nature. Her god is money and man's creations.

      Heartbroken after opening up and seeing people's deepest beings, the fear, the hate, the negativity, there is not much I can do on a personal level to assist any of them, because they do not wish to help themselves.


      I look at these individuals and think to myself. Universe knows I died, twice, for what? To be sent back here, to see what I see?

      I had third degree burns to 35% of my body, including my face!

      I healed, and am still healing. Yet some individuals look at me and think "who does she think she is?"

      I know who I am, as an individual. I know where I fit in, in the Cosmic scale of things. On Earth many who meet me see me as a survivor, a teacher or the biggest 'enter-own-version' they have ever met.

      Thus being a true Telepath in this lifetime, please be forewarned, close yourself when you do not need to know, it is kinder on yourself and the world around you.

      Being Telepathic is as much a curse as it is a special gift.

      There are different levels of Telepathy, like intuitiveness, animal communication, etc, but here I am referring to speaking with your mind and being able to access the minds of others around you, be it human, or any of the natural environments.

      Telepathic skills can also be misused in the form of compulsion. Compulsion is where someone actively tries to influence your mind by gaining entry to your faculties. "They made me do it" is the first response these hi-jacked individuals usually state.

      Be aware of these intrusions. Many train specifically for this Telepathic Skill, thus be forewarned. Contain and rule your own thoughts. Keep a healthy aura around you. Keep your mind closed to unauthorised entry. Stay aware, especially in negative environments.    


A Lack of Time

      There are individuals and groups that spend active time and concerted efforts in practicing Telepathic communication between each other. This is fine and correct to do so if you wish to practice this skill.

      In this lifetime I have chosen not to make these connections on purpose.

      As an individual, I have many things, many levels of existence to contend with, thus there is no time to indulge children who wish to be educated in these skills.

      This is not my function. I am not here to give classes on how to do this or that. The teachings are in my books and if you open up to what I write, all else will come automatically, if you are open and it is for the highest good to yourself in this particular lifetime.

      I was asked how it feels when someone wishes to communicate Telepathically in this lifetime.

      It is a painful ache in your head, usually in the forehead or behind an eye-socket. Depending upon who the person is who wishes entry into your mind.

      This may also come as a 'whining' in the ears, usually when higher vibrational beings try to communicate with you, like your guides, angels and such.

      In most instances you will know immediately (or I do) who wishes your attention by asking who wishes entry. That person will come up as either a name or a vision.

      If not authorised, state, sorry, door closed, please go away.

      If authorised, you may open up and have a conversation with this person.

      I chose not to have people enter because of the nature of living at the moment. It is like having wi-fi in your head that is available to anyone who has your address and is as invasive as Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook Messenger.


Telepathic Psychics

      Some of the people I know have these skills, they are just not fully aware of it, and those that are, use it actively in their trade to assist Seekers with their spiritual enquiries.

      All Readers, Healers, Energy Workers and such make use of this skill to some degree, whether they know it or not.

      I was asked at one of the Holistic Fayres why I sometimes 'stare' when a reader or energy worker is doing their function in assisting a client.

      When I look in opened sight, I see many things. I see the guides of both the therapist and the clients conversing together. I see the guides or angels of the therapists giving this information over to the therapist to better assist the client who does not actively listens to his/her own guides/angels.

      Thus it is an opportunity for the celestial teams to have their say without being influenced by the Seeker.

      I see the healer guides/angels coming in when a healing is in progress. I see the healing energy entering the bodies of the clients through the substance being used, be it crystals or hands or cards.

      Mediums are but one aspect of being psychic. Mediums usually deal with the passed over spirits of loved-ones still wishing to have their say. Mediums may be just that, a Medium to be used as a channel or able to perceive this vibrational level.

      Or a Medium might also have any or all the other Psychic skills.  

      At one stage I attended a small group gathering in a little coastal town. Here Pancras Schoonenberg (Link), a well-known Trans-Medium was teaching channelling classes (which falls into the Medium-ship range).

      When I arrived at the venue, rows of passed-over individuals were standing down the road, patiently waiting for an opportunity to have a say through this Medium.

      Being deeply disturbed by this awareness, I asked my individual team why they were there. Those who leave their bodies need as much assistance as the living. Many wished to make their families aware that life goes on after death, where some had unresolved issues and others just wanted an opportunity to say hello.

      None were malicious or insincere in their approach and many were disappointed that they could not get a chance to come through.

      This is one of the reasons Mediums close up when they are not busy with active channellings. They see too much and can not live a 'normal' life.

      Some Mediums do not deal with the 'nice' side of things. This is a topic for another day.

      My own experience is that once the spirit world becomes aware that you have Mediumship skills, they might abuse it. When my step-brother came to me after hit by a truck, a whole assortment of spirits assembled around my property to be able to come through as well.

      Fortunately for me, my own team turned them away, stating clearly that this was an individual visit only.

      At this specific incident only one other was allowed to speak and her message was conveyed to another family member. (Link)

      People want all these skills, seeing, hearing, experiencing, telepathy, able to astral travel/project, etc. yet are not aware of the down side, the consequences or do not wish to put in the work to be able to accomplish these skills. As with anything in life that really matters, it takes time, dedication and the taking of responsibility for these skills on your own shoulders.

      Please put instant gratification away. In some individuals, even if you wish for these skills, even if you practice, it might not be for you to have this in this lifetime.

      Lifetimes differ and sometimes it is best just to be who you are.

      Many a time I am reminded that I should not indulge in this lifetime. What I wish to do as an individual is not for now. I should step back and allow others to shine.

      Then I turn back to my books, writing the stories of my lives, indulging in adventures of long ago, healing my soul through the process of writing.


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