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9 May 2017 (Tuesday)

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon 'Beyond Words'

6am - My conscience goaded me into wakefulness to get up and on with marketing. Thus up, but internet down at the moment. The Internet company did mention that the SeaCom cable had a glitch somewhere. Thus internet is intermittent. Thing is, no internet equates to no marketing, meaning it is harder to earn our daily sustenance.

      It is actually disgusting how 'modern' man had to become reliant on electronics in order to survive the daily toil of fending for ourselves.


7am - At last. It seems as if the local service provider reset something. Internet back on line so I can get on with my work.

      While working, marketing, editing, re-reading (I am sometimes exceptionally good at multitasking) I'm reflecting on the comments from readers of The Chronicles of Han. Most fans who have read all the books in the series have one trait in common, they love the books, they like the story, they have no feedback comments to add publicly about it.

      Every book is followed with "I loved it, where is the next one?"

      "Beyond words" as Jade used to say. This chant had been taken up by seemingly everyone else.

      Okay. I understand the subject matter can be a bit tough. The books do elicit feelings people are not familiar or comfortable with, but heck, it was written to first and foremost entertain.

      (Or shall we keep quiet here and not lose more potential readers? Or are you up to the challenge?)

      A note of interest is that about half of my readers are in the mature age groups.  


11h30pm - Been a hectic day with Healingoils, clients, organizing a company and keeping your head in an office with some really tough decisions to be made and executed.  


Recap of the day: Organizational working day with a bit of editing managed in-between.
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Writing report for 09.05.2017:

Chlophilia report from Alpha Reader chapter

Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 0

Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read - 4702

Words written:  Blogs 307 , New Books 0, Office/Clients 500


EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA (My Alpha Reader received this blog early this morning and here is her 'take' on my issues)

Hi there, Beloved!

Only now did I get to read the"???????? Blog"! Sorry - was on a mission earlier this morning - food hunting!

My comment? You say it as it is! There certainly is a grain of truth in what your readers say after having read any of The Chronicles of Han!

Yes, these books are truly awesome and 'beyond words' and the 'stories' so huge and meaningful that the readers often have no words to express what they are feeling - and "I love it!"is about as close as you can get to WOW!!!  Wonderful / amazing / awesome / great / and, give me time to think about it!

That does not mean they're indifferent towards the books - my belief is that they really do NOT know what to say!!! No, not good for marketing, but many readers just do not have the words to describe what they feel after having read your books!  
My personal belief - and this happens to me - I am so awed and stunned by what I'd just read that my mind goes quite blank. It takes a while to assimilate and process, and then, when read again, I 'get-it'!! And have more to say about your books! 
Your books are 'lessons-in-the-making' and our minds are just not big enough absorbing it all - and Jade was quite correct when she put it this way ='beyond words' -and for her it certainly was BEYOND WORDS!!    How often did she send me something (from you) and addedbeyond wordsat the beginning or the end of her e-mails.

OK, so you want to leave the Blog as is? I don't see why not! Let your 'fans' know how you feel about the lack of comments or otherwise - maybe it will shake up a few of your readers to think more deeply about how the books have affected them and enhanced their lives - because they have - and because of that, they (your readers) want more of your 'feel-good'books - and I believe your readers certainly ARE up to the challenge!
OK, so yes, your books do 'entertain' but they have also been written to TEACH, and I know that many of us 'oldies' are grateful learning something of value and new (before we leave) - haven't we been looking for Han Storm and hisHanuman-teachingsfor ALL of our lives?? I know, I have!
Another thought is this - the Chronicles will then be bequeathed to the younger generation - mine will be!

I could go on and on,  but, ag, my Honey, I believe I have said enough! You know how entranced I am by the Chronicles - I truly DO love them! And they ARE beyond words!   
OUCH! And even I fall into that category ... !


Thanks, Bhakta-Anjana!



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