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5 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Cold Coffee and Mundane Days


 7h30am Cold coffee greeted me as I opened my eyes, realizing that I had missed the alarm and not even realized when hubby placed the drink next to me.

      Wiped out, totally.

      Okay. So a hectic day planned, but nothing much done of what I planned to do, even having to send someone to the Post Office on my behalf for I'm just not getting time for that as well today.

      Cold Coffee. The highlight of a hectic author's day. Made with love by partners, children or caregivers, but forgotten when immersed into work. By the time you realize you did not finish that cuppa it is too late and the coffee/tea had gone cold.

      What do most authors do? Pick it up and down it! We are just too thirsty after that brain energy expenditure to care what we drink, as long as it is moist to wet the lips and hydrate the grey matter. 


5h00pm Went to rest a while before the evening shift starts. One child wished to go play outside and I agreed as long as she is quiet like and not making noise.

      Well, that lasted long!


5h13pm Woken with a bang, slapped back into my body with a mother of a headache - reason, said child playing her abhorring musing right under my window.

      Now the Dragon has been awakened and the whole household will get it!

      Calm down. ::breathe::

      It looks ridiculous in words while I'm writing this. Yip, indeed, I should not get so upset with humans, they just want to enjoy life and here an over-sensitive mother comes and destroys the harmony of the house because she can not rest when she feels like it.

      Nice, one, nice. My life is definitely unique. And what author's life has ever been 'normal' in any case? None, I guess.

      Next stop, placing yesterday's Grind and hoping the headache subsides.


6h30pm This blogging is still taking an hour. Hmm. Did not feel so slow yesterday . . .


9pm Logging off, going to spend some quality time with the family to make amends for earlier.


Recap of the day: A mundane day in which nothing much really happened.


Writing report for 05.05.2017:

Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 0

Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0

Words written:  Blogs 287, New Books 2122, Office/Clients 150



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