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4 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Human Resources and Numerology


6am Had an exceptionally good night. Slept right through. Highly unusual for me.


      Wow. Maybe I would get something done today. Thanks everyone!


10am Head on over to Post Office to send off parcels, then hunt for food, drive around a bit for our little car had been standing way too long and needed a re-charge. Went on an adventure by turning down a road we have not taken before - highlight of my mundane day.


11am Back home and sorting out pre-loved Books for adoption. Some nice new ones going to be added soon. Watch the website and FB page.


7pm Getting the hang of this Blogging thing. It is not taking up so much time any longer, or I'm just experiencing a major good day.


7h11pm Look at that time. Is it not strange that sometimes time reminds us of events in our lives?

      Like 9h11 - everyone knows about this date. To me it has a double meaning, not just the event in the USA. Someday I might speak about it. Then maybe not. Or even better, I might write a book on that adventure too.

      11h11 Double whammy when I see this one. All good. Carry on. ::laughs::


See, I told you sometimes an author rambles along. Let me get back to work. Practice some discipline. I will simmer about numbers in the background in my pretty little head.


8h30pm And then this happen ::pop:: goes the weasel (private joke, unless you saw Ice Age)


      I feel sure everyone has experienced time/number synchronicity at some point in their lives. Seeing the same numbers repeatedly do have meanings and it might be a good idea to 'Google' the meaning of these numbers if you really find it odd.

      Through the years I have pretty much learnt what some number sequences mean for me as an individual, thus I do take note of it from time to time.

      Mostly it is minor reminders to myself. But it is fascinating to study Numerology, especially if you are into the subject of 'people'.

      Just today my one pre-loved book was re-homed to a person working in Human Resources.

      Yes people, wake up to the world of HR. They need an edge to be able to 'read' people in order to employ the best possible person. What better method to use than this age old system to have an advantage over your potential clients or employees by just looking at their birth dates (Astrology/Numerology). And if you really get to a paranoid employer, they will even send your handwriting to a handwriting analyst (graphologist/graphology).   

      I used these techniques to sort out HR problems. Some people are not compatible, until trained. Some are not suitable for certain functions, unless trained specifically. How to motivate, how to avoid trouble areas, how to MANAGE people.

      I used to do numerology and astrology readings for clients. I do not do this any longer for the world has changed and most of the people who come into my environment are stepping out of the original boxes, growing beyond the borders or limitation of numbers and star and moon signs.

      Some are truly growing into their illumination of Cosmic proportions, where these Earth techniques no longer apply. Teachers should not be able to be 'read' or placed into boxes. They should be able to transcend this state of being.

      Yes, they are still influenced by their birth dates, names and signs, but when they are aware of it, they may step away from, or out of, the power of these self-analysis tools for they now know what they have come here to learn or to do.

      I was born one star sign. I died and was re-born another, with new birth numbers.

      Yet, my astronomy alignment was duplicated on both birth days/times! (Confirmed by a reputable Astrologer).

      Which sign does this make me now? What birthday do I keep to?

      By law I am still who I used to be, who I was born the first time around.

      Astrological and Numerological - we have figured out that I need to combine both charts because I am no longer a 'single' entity but a 'combined' one.

      Some traits stayed and linger on. I am aware of this and it is no longer such an issue.

      KNOW THYSELF is a game that every Free-willed person should play. For themselves, even if they do not believe in it. It will assist them in learning their weak points as well of their strong points which they can grow further on.

      So next time you go for a job interview, keep in mind that HR might have already 'run-the-numbers' and you may either have an advantage or disadvantage for that particular position.

      These techniques also assist companies to profile clients (yes, most companies profile clients, it is something they do, for various reasons, from getting to know clients better to being able to avoid pitfalls, or to know what will be the best alignment for a particular client.)

      When you walk into a boardroom, most business people worth their salt would already know at the very least the basics of their potential client. With a bit of digging and the assistance of these ancient techniques, they have the upper hand in the engagement.

      KNOW THYSELF for if you know yourself, you do not need to stand back for anyone.


Note: Please, as I stated, I no longer do these readings as there are enough qualified and highly skilled passionate people participating in the private arena. I've done my training of some of them. I'm passing on the knowledge through the books others have written as their life's work. Learn for yourself, you will never regret being able to do for yourself. Besides, the internet is full of information and self-study book links from professionals are available.


10h40pm Logging off as being exhausted with a long day behind me. I am satisfied with today. Pain free and being able to accomplish a lot. After yesterday, today had been a physically good day.


Writing report for 04.05.2017:

Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 3506

Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0

Words written:  Blogs 1097, New Books 1537, Office/Clients 200

Note: This is how new books start, a bit here, a bit there and suddenly you are on page 200 and the retelling starts demanding attention so it can be completed. None of the books in draft is there yet, so we will see which one gains the attention. At the moment it is random pieces of the puzzle being placed at the appropriate places before the rest will be interlaced and a full picture will develop.  



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