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3 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Crappy days, the Editing Process, and becoming part of The Chronicles of Han


5am - Major earache stirs me to disillusioned wakefulness. Sometimes life feels not worth living.


8am - Going back to bed, feeling like crap!


10h30am - Wow. Wake up to sports in the making with the issues we are involved with. Huge stuff going on again in parliament and adrenaline pumping immediately. Okay. Thus I'm awake and have work to get on with.


11pm Managed to do what needed to be done as well as read-throughs on Chlophilia. Editor reported he is almost done with chapter one of Limïer. He likes where the telling is going, thus a plus point for today.

      For those readers who were wondering. Editing is a difficult process. It is when the book is hammered into form so the reader might have the best experience possible. The editors can only work with the work given to them. They are not there to re-write the story, but to assist the author to make the best of it at the level at which the author is.

      A good editor is like a great teacher. They allow you to grow, guiding and giving advice. It is still the author's choice to make changes or not (if you are an independent author).

      I am glad that I can see how my work as an author has grown over the nine years I have been producing books. When I do the read-throughs, I read as a reader and know that if something irritates me, it is going to irk the readers, then I change it a bit and by the time it lands on the Editor's desk, it is pretty much as it is going to be.

      Growth has taken a long time and grammer is still a huge issue for me (as you probably noticed in these blogs). Especially because the books are translated into English and, as stated, the translations do not always work out to keep the energetic rhythm.

      I wanted to re-write the books, but readers were up in arms, insisting that the books were written as they were and should not be altered. (And PLEASE just get on with the new books, they NEED the new books!)

      Readers stated that they grow with the books, as well as with the author and the writing style.

      Fans mentioned that they are appreciative to be part of this growth process and that to see it happening while reading the books, is to become a part of The Chronicles of Han.


Writing report for 03.05.2017:

Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter

Chlophilia Chapters re-read  - Words: 11,262

Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0

Words written:  Blogs 658, New Books 50, Office/Clients 150



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