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2 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Pirates and Plagiarism


04h30am Up and onto emails/social media/websites/marketing. Re-reading/editing in between while waiting for sloooooow pages to update.


10pm Feeling De-motivated. Been dealing with a glitchy Facebook, pirated books and another author's plagiarised work. This is a short synopsis of thoughts.

What is the best way to destroy a gifted person?

      Plagiarise or Pirate their work!

      Break them down so that they will never ever again create something to share with the world. Destroy their creativity and drive to do good and bring beauty into the world.

      Contrary to the belief that being copied is the pinnacle of flattery, it is not, especially not if the work is blatantly stolen and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

      This is not just about the arts, music or writing. This goes deeper, to products and every other aspect in life.


      The first time I came into contact with the hurt and utter despair of plagiarism was when I started school and drew a magnificent horse in class. A so-called friend asked if I could draw a similar picture for her, which I did, not thinking anything about it as we were just playing around, making pretty pictures.

      Then the teacher insisted we bring our artwork to the front so everyone could see. My friend went first, displaying the pretty horse I had drawn for her as her own work. I felt betrayed that she did not tell the teacher I had drawn it.

      Adding to the insult, when my turn came to show my picture to the class the teacher immediately accused me of being nothing better than a copy-cat because I had drawn the same as the other girl.

      No matter how I tried to explain, it fell on deaf ears, I was the one in the wrong and the 'friend' did not state anything to the contrary. That day I learnt lessons about public humiliation, trust, friendship and unscrupulous people.


      What is currently going on in the Book Industry is appalling. Copyrighted books (mostly novels) are being scanned, modified a bit and reproduced, re-labelled, re-covered and sold as someone else's work. Then when the original creator realizes this, or a reader challenges the authenticity of the two stories, it ends up in Legal fights which most authors do not have the resources to battle.

      There are even scammers 'running' the systems of publishing platforms like Amazon, making profit while legitimate authors can not even get a foothold in the market.

      This brings us to Pirating of books ie. Books placed for free or resold through parties not affiliated to the author or official selling site.

      People say, "Do not worry about this. At least the book still has your copyright and details and you are gaining readers for your unaltered work."

      Are authors benefiting from their books being Pirated?

      Do we 'officially' gain more readers?

      Out of my personal experience, we do not benefit at all.

      These 'free' readers are mostly unwilling to purchase their own copy of a book in the first place. Why should they purchase a book if they can read it for free?

      This stance sets the mandate in devaluating the work of authors. Currently, most independently published books are sold for less than $1 / R13 to make a sale and generate some kind of income, even if the author spent thousands of Rands on editing and years in writing the book.

      It had been argued that people who read for free can really not afford books. If they have internet to download the books, they have the funds to pay the author a measly $1 for their work. If you really do not have funds for a book, go to a library.  

      Once pirated, book sales on legitimate platforms stagnate as the book is now available for free on the internet.

      It should be the author's choice to give freely or have a book placed on a site where the book, or part of it, can be read for free.

      It was mentioned by one of the pirates that they do this for 'social benefit' and that 'all information' should be available for free.

      What motivation do I have to labour for three years, just to give my book away for free, without any compensation at all?

      "Oh, but you said you write the books for yourself?"

      True. I do. It does not mean I have to share them with the world without being compensated for my time and effort in creating a decent book fit for the reader market.

      I could have written my story, felt satisfied and left it on the PC or printed it out and chucked it in the bottom of a cupboard to look at again and enjoy by myself only. None would have been the wiser, but it was found and it got out and I wanted to protect my work, thus published it. There was a demand for it. I was being compensated for it, even encouraged to keep on writing the rest of the story.

      "Should you then not at least be thrilled that people read your books and the information gets out there!" some stated, adamant that I should be content with this outcome.

      Really? Should I hand my book (labour) over to the public domain feeling honoured that it will be read?

      Should the farmer pay for his crop to be consumed by the public?

      Should you say thank you to your boss for giving you a job to keep you busy, but withhold your pay at the end of the month?

      Of course I am happy when people read my books. What author would not be?

      Reality is that, without a balanced exchange I can not feed, clothe or shelter myself. Never mind write another book.

      Who do you think has been keeping me going for the years of writing before a book is released?

      This gracious government of ours?

      Remember. I have to sustain myself for the time the book is being written and edited. When the generating of a book is not sponsored, or the completed books are not compensating this energy expenditure, I am not able to continue with this labour. 

      Also realize that at some point, the giver will stop giving when there is no mutual beneficial exchange.

      Life will be poorer when this day comes.


11h33pm Logging off on this miserable 2nd day of May 2017. Thank the Creator it is over.


Writing report for 02.05.2017:

Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter 105 = "Wrapping up, coming to an end."

Chapter 105 & 106 /107 re-read and sent to AR - Words: 10956

Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0

Words written:  Blogs 1212, New Books 50, Office/Clients 150



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