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1 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Laundry

06am Up and onto emails/social media. Getting to become a creature of habit, am I?

      Marketing and pottering about. Editing in between. It seems as if my life is chopped up in 5minute, 30minute and hour intervals. I even wake up and go sleep 'On-The-Hour'. How weird can you get?


11am The work of a caregiver seems to never stop. Today is wash day. An eternal job that just never ends. Week after week, day after day, every person wearing clothes, somewhere on Earth and out in the Universes needs to maintain their wardrobe. The drab of the Daily Grind.

      At least I have modern appliances and electricity. I am thankful and grateful for every comfort that I have in this lifetime and do not take it as a right or privilege.

      Electricity, appliances and water are scarce commodities in 3rd World Countries, like South Africa. I did not always have these luxuries, so next time you do your laundry in the comfort of your home or find your clothes cleaned and neatly replaced in your cupboard, spare a thought to the millions that do not have these comforts in their lives, as well as to the person who had seen to you having clean clothes to wear.


      Update on ears. Still there, underlying, ready to attack should I get out of line for whatever reason. (Satire joke, I'm trying here). Not bad enough to worry too much over, just annoyingly stating it is still an issue but not sore at the moment. Thanks for asking.


Recap for the day: Some days you gain. Some days you do not get anywhere. I managed the washing. It should be good enough. ::shrugs shoulders::


Writing report for 01.05.2017:

Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter 104 = Another great chapter!

Limier Words edited/read 9255

Words written:  Blogs 294, New Books 1675, Office/Clients 0



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