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29 April 2017 - Saturday

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Hot as Hell and sore ears

    7h50am Saturday morning, waking to sunshine and twitching ears. Darn. Just can not get this under control, can I? Not entirely. But we will tend to it shortly. At least yesterday was a great day and we will face today with determination and courage as well.

      Battling ahead bravely.

      Reflecting on yesterday's visit. Sorting things out for myself whilst checking early morning emails and social media.

      Random thoughts triggers memories from so long ago and I capture the snippets as they play off as if in holographic format. That is probably where the sore ears are coming from. The psyche screaming to let go and flow with the memories, yet I am resisting for I still have a life to live here, a book to edit. I do not want to immerse myself in days gone by, for then I will surely be unavailable again to my family for days on end.

      My focus needs to be here . . .

      "*Excuses, excuses. Just get on with it!*" - Duek. Still with me and still as funny as ever.

      *I know* I reply. *Let me just get the morning stuff out of the way. I will start on the other books a bit later, okay? Can we settle down with the ears now, please?*

      That plea obviously fell on deaf ears.


10am Physical expenditure ending in stitches of laughter until the eyes shed water and the lungs could not take in any air any longer. Okay, so gym out of the way for today.

      The laughter therapy and good spirit is unfortunately marred with ear ache. Still uncomfortable. ::snap fingers:: darn!

12h00pm Getting on with placing Blogs and #SaturdayScenes as I have readers eagerly waiting for it. This is becoming a daily event. I hope I can keep this going.


12h30pm Hubby brings offering of food. Lunch is served. Real English Fish and Chips.

      Yesterday was Pomegranates and figs!

1pm Off to bed to try and settle the body. Topical anaesthetic drops for ears and pain gel has no effect. Conclusion. Not a physical condition, thus just bear it until it has run its course.

4pm Ready to face life again. Discomfort shifted to other ear. Definitely metaphysical. Okay, whatever. We will go with the flow.

5pm Went for a ten minute walk to get some sun. Tired now. Youngest states I better get some more sleep. Will see, will see.

10h50pm Put in a good, solid stretch of internet work, some new writing, editing and re-reading.


Satisfied with today despite uncomfortable ears.


Writing report for 29.04.2017:

Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter 102 = "Beloved! I so enjoyed this chapter! Yes, it was amusing and lots tickled me into laughter, but it's not funny at all - it reveals life on another planet so unlike ours that it's unbelievable --- and yet it's as real as Earth ... we Earthlings are so arrogant that we believe every planet must have living beings like US on it ... rubbish! I'd rather be a 'simple' plant than a human Earthling!" 

Chapter 103 re-read and sent to AR - Words: 4185

Limier Words edited/read 4738

Words written:  Blogs 435, New Books 418, Office/Clients 545



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