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28 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Pies and Visitors

6am Up. Start emails and checking everything relevant to Dayjob. Earache no longer there so we hope it stays away. Bit floaty, not grounded. Misalignment? Probably. Or just busy many places at the same time again. Feel more scattered than misaligned as there is no headache or any other ache present this morning. Weird, actually. Unusual. Something to ponder on but I have to have absolute control over all faculties today as it is going to get hectic soon and I have visitors coming over this afternoon.

      So yes, one heck of a day ahead.


9h55am Vibrations under control. Bright-eyed and ready to commence travel to next town to courier parcels. Off on an adventure!


12pm Back home. Not much of an adventure except that traffic is already picking up for the longer than usual weekend with influx of visitors.

      Oh, yes, and a thought upon a unique pie.

      We sometimes purchase pies on these excursions and as our regular outlet did not have my preferred pepper pie available, I had to settle for steak (yes, I'm a meat eater, shock and horror!)

      Thus, as everything in life is an adventure, I consumed the saucy pie, winning the lotto with eventually biting into one (1) single piece of steak!

      Heck. Luck of the draw. Otherwise, it was a not too bad a vegetarian pie.


12h30pm Done with contacting clients and emails. Day-job on skeleton staff as nothing much happens after 12pm on Fridays in any case. Thus time to prepare for the visitors this afternoon.


9h12pm Okay. Cleaned up and all back to normal. Visits are strictly on an appointment basis and highly confidential, so no information will be released as per any professional practice. These blogs are about the daily toil of one H Gibson, not about the interests of clients. What I can state is thank you to these clients for a lovely visit. I always learn as much as I teach from everyone I meet. And I do get to meet phenomenal people. Thus, a humble, thank you.


11h50pm Logging off. It had been a long day. A good day.


Writing report for 28.04.2017:

Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter 101 = "Nicely done, can not wait for the next chapter!"

Limier Words edited/read 0 (had visitors)

Words written:  Blogs 367, New Books 587, Office about 50



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