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27 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Healer Guides and Highs and Lows of Good days


12h30am         Sometimes, when my body aches and I can not come to rest, no matter how exhausted I am, I need a bit of assistance.

      Meet Katrina, my personal Healing Guide. One of the lovely Ladies on my Spiritual Team.

      Not many people know about Katrina. She is a quiet person and not much in the forefront of discussions, but a vital part of The Han Storm Saga.

      Katrina has been with me, on and off, in this lifetime, for more than forty years. Before that, she is mentioned in the early stages of the Creata adventures.

      It is Katrina's encouragement and warnings that kept this body alive through childhood, surviving atrocities and serious ill health spells. When this body wished to give out, she guided, sometimes not too friendly, how to heal it.

      But lately, for the last few years, since my sacrum injury and Jade leaving this world, she sometimes assists me with psychic or metaphysical anaesthesia when I can not get to rest.

      Imagine one of Han Storm's doctors? Now you are getting the picture.

      Why? is the next logical question to ask.

      Because sometimes life is just too much. Or the body needs to be contained while the spirit must travel somewhere else.

      Then the body is guarded while being 'out' - literally separated from it.

      This, unfortunately sometimes leads to complications and my beloved sits with me, watching over this body until I return.

      And when morning comes, I wake bright as a button and life-partner is annoyed and grumpy for he had no sleep at all.

8am Woke fresh for a change. Still a hint of headache and some irritation simmering under the surface. Not good. Will see how the day progress.

      Some would say temperamental, but I know myself by now. Things are a-changing when this happens. It is usually preparations for intense work that needs to be handled. A stressful week coming up?


9h40am Completed updates on Websites, now onto daily marketing, chores, etc. Public Holiday in RSA so basically nothing going on.


1h20pm Had a bit of an eruption earlier. Tempers flaring because of frustrations nothing can be done about except share the information onto the internet and hope others see the unfairness and atrocities playing off behind their backs. Soooo, United Nations retracted human rights laws. Nice one, nice. Putting the fox right amongst the chickens, giving it free right to kill and maim and rape in the name of (add whatever in you wish).


2pm Floating. That feeling you get when you concentrate so much that your brain turns to mush. Preparing Chlophilia chapters to go to Alpha reader. Transferring single chapters to PDF then saving to 'feed' her one at a time. Wait for feedback and then either adjust or leave depending on her spontaneous reports. This is a vital part of any retelling. Whether or not the 'audience' will 'get' it.

      Bhakta-Anjana is honest and wise and tells me straight up if something should be added, or if she has questions, she asks. Many a time her asking innocent questions leads to whole chapters being added.

      I'm a minimalistic kind of person. I see, as probably do most other people, only what is needed for me, or what influences me immediately. But Bhakta always keeps the bigger picture in mind, always inquisitive and wanting to know the little things too.

      As the Editor stated. All these books are about Han. How he felt, what he perceived, what went on in his life, mostly from his perspective. Thus there is/was no time/sense of the other people.


      But this is what makes the next few books so extremely exciting. It is being told from the perspective of Han's team as well. Negotiating Limïer and Engaging Chlophilia involves the team. It is a bit of an adjustment and I had quite a few a-hah moments, as well as loads of embarrassment. But laughs too. It seems as if I have been developing a sense of humour. A dry one mostly, but it is there, being presented in the books as well (if you read closely).


      That brings us to Kaleb.

      Eish! Kaleb who stands next to me in spirit form, scrutinizing my work and pestering me to know when we are continuing with 'his' book. You see, Kaleb came here specifically to share his views of what happened on Leilaka. :: Facepalm:: he stands with his hands on his hips, asking "Well?"

      Well. I am ignoring him. Shame on me.


2h30pm Starting on re-reading/editing further chapters of Negotiating Limïer for editor.


      Sometimes there is no translation for some words. It is there, the word, written down, looking at me. I know the meaning. I do not give it a second thought.

      "What is this? I can not find this in any dictionary?" - Editor.

      "Just leave it in. It means 'xyz'" - Author.

      "But it does not make sense!" - Editor.

      Aargh! Write word in italics and stick at back of book under terminology.

      "Fine. Continue." - Editor.

      Jays! Writing from translations is a tough business.    


5h20pm Done with office work (I hope). Parcels packed and ready to go out tomorrow.   


6h55pm Wow! Look at this. Included a physical activity session as well! See, I'm a balanced author. I balance sitting with activity, and writing with other work, and some splendid exercise in between . . .  

      Golly! Every muscle group is in absolute and utter shock! Cardio? Really? Are you mad?

      Well, enjoyed it and will see how this old body will react to a bit of fun. I will probably regret it later, but not right now. Right now I'm quite mellow.

      And tired. Yes. Tired.

      I think I can now sleep for a week.


7h30pm Oh-oh! Twitches starting in left ear! Not Good! Overdid it. Nope, nope, nope. Go away pain. Go away.


9h58pm Ear-ache becoming acute. Had dinner and going to bed now. Hopefully someone will sort it out or explain to me why. One moment on top of the world. The next plunged into pain induced exhaustion.  


Writing report for 27.04.2017:

Chlophilia Words edited/read through: 6956

Chlophilia chapters prepared for Alpha reader

Limier editing starts again: Words edited/read 406, hmm some serious resistance to start re-reading again

Words written:  Blogs 1033, New Books 0, Office about 150



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