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26 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Pain on a RAINY day!

3h30am Day starts due to waking because of aching body. Did too much yesterday. I'm up now and getting on with things. Catching up on Social Media that I missed yesterday, blogs, websites, marketing.

6h30am Headache starting to settle down. Body manageable. Can't go back to bed. Waiting for courier to collect parcels. Then early morning rounds to Post Office, hunting for food (in the local store, not real hunting, I'm an author. I use metaphors), waiting for overseas clients to collect parcels before returning to the EU. Run of the mill stuff.

      Some thoughts on pain. People feel pain differently. Pain is there for various reasons, but mainly it is the body telling the owner that there is something physically incorrect that needs to be seen to.

      Pain can be handled logically when one knows where it originates from.

      To me, the sensation of Pain is an old friend. I would rather be pain free, but this is not how it is playing off in this lifetime. Pain is part of my life and instead of fighting it, I am learning to embrace it and to listen to it.

      Now, contrary to what most people believe about me in this lifetime, I can do some things and other things I am prevented to do. Such as completely healing myself.

      A lot of those who know about me will right about now be up in arms, coming with buts and becauses and that one has free will and can heal a body 100%. All right and true, but have you followed me closely in my books? Do you know enough about me to make any sort of judgement call? Are you walking in my shoes or footprints, in this lifetime?

      This body has survived death. It had been broken and repaired numerous times and some functions are not even supposed to be available. I am taking care of it as best I can, under the circumstances given to me in this lifetime.

      If you have read the Chronicles of Han, you would have a good grip on things like upgrades and why bodies react differently to different situations. Unfortunately, in my world, the physical and metaphysical overlap and mostly the physical is left behind.

      Thus, is the pain in this specific body a physical issue?

      Partly. When becoming the channel for healing, some of the healing spills back, re-healing old injuries, leading to inflammation and a healing crisis in this body.

      Metaphysically. Sometimes, with what is known as Soul-Growth, the body is 'upgraded' to be able to handle the higher vibrations. In most cases this also leads to issues such as headaches, body aches, inflammation, flu-like symptoms and even fever. (FLU frequency light upgrades.)  

      There are other reasons as well, but this will not be discussed publicly.

      Okay, rant out of the way.


      There are ways to handle physical pain.

      1. Take painkillers. Chemical substances that deaden the pain impulses. First line treatment for most people. Catch 22. I get sick from painkillers, thus avoid them like the plague for the adverse effects is as bad as the pain.

      2. Take spices. This works quite well, short term. Most warm spices have anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. In the chronic pain management category, cannabinoids are obviously first choice. Do I use it? No. Spices. Some times.

      3. Use topical pain relieving preparations for targeting specific areas (Axhilirit© Pain therapy products are the best, pity even I forget about using it first ::sigh:: and kick myself afterwards)

      [yes, it is my blog, I can punt my products]

      4. Overwrite the pain impulses mentally. Think Meditation, Self-hypnosis, energy healing, etc.

      By the time I actually become consciously aware of pain impulses in this body, it is an extreme situation, usually too late to turn back and I either have to suffer through it, or pull back completely from life until the body is comfortable again.

      A question asked by many: What does your family do when this happens?

      There is not much anyone can do except leave me alone to deal with myself. My inner circle respects my space, giving me the opportunity to bring myself back into balance. It usually does not take a long time, and depending upon what is going on, or where my vibrations are, anything from half an hour to a day or two.

      I see some frowns out there. Never mind. It is not your life, so it is okay. It is something I, and the people around me deal with. We have all signed up for this unique experience. Just as everyone else did in their lives.

      I think you would not be reading this if you were not interested, or at least intrigued.

      Do I hear grumbles and mumbles of 'Who does she think she is?' Cocky and arrogant? Ah. Good. So people are paying attention. Such fun, being alive and living life, despite having some pain to keep you grounded and here, bringing you back with a crash . . . oops, okay, there we go. Secret out.

      Agh, well. I did not need to share this, but I wanted to.

      Just a bit of what is going on many times in my life. So when I say, sorry can't help you or see you right now (or I'm in a 'bad' space), please be aware that I'm not rude, I might just be a bit out of it or in pain. Or 'not here' but everywhere. But we will discuss this another day.


12pm RAIN! At last some proper rain. Lightning and thunder and cold, cold rain. I hope it rains over the cathment areas for the dams are down to sludge levels.

      Hmm. Maybe I should go lie down and sleep a bit, soothed by the lovely rain? Thinking about it. Ha, the perks of working for yourself. Internet down at the moment in any case. Decisions, decisions.

      Yip, sleep and rest and a warm bed. So appealing.


2h22pm Still raining. Slept like a baby. Cuddling a cup of coffee now. Not too cold yet. Internet still dodgy as it gets when a dog wets the lamppost. That is Africa for you. Uhm. I mean South Africa. Some places in Africa are just fine with their internet. Here, exceedingly expensive and luck of the draw.


3pm Oops, there we go. I broke the internet. Just completed more adjustments to Healing Oil website ::wipes brow:: close call. Thus, Internet Down, done with Day-job for today.

      Now I can get on with the books.


5h30pm Edited/read through more chapters of Chlophilia. Another brain reboot spell coming on. Will pass out for a bit.


6h30pm Wake up! Wake up! My people shout at me. Urgent things to attend to.

      Thus up and onto emails - Internet working! Indeed emails needing attention.

      Just a thought. Internet down on purpose for me to rest a bit?

      Nah. Wishful thinking.

      Then . . . maybe not.

A light dinner, pottering around with marketing and edit/reading in between. Going into the early morning hours.


12h42am Logging off for 26 April 2017. Hello 27 April 2017. What will you bring me today . . . ?


Writing report for 26.04.2017:

Chlophilia Words edited/read through: 18,012

Words written:  Blogs 1190, New Books - 0 , Office about 250



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