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25 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Rat Race and Life Cycles

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      Bushed! And the day has not even started properly.

      Welcome to an author's life. Worked until the wee hours of the morning, caught a nap and up at dawn. Four hours of working on websites, adding and adjusting code until I was cross-eyed.

      Hour and a half of chores before Day-job continues, overseeing the manufacturing process of our specialized products. Delicate work needing accurate calculations and measurements. Loads of energy expenditure and channelling.

      Early afternoon gone in a flash.

      Home and a well deserved half hour power nap follows.

      3pm. Right. Next stretch of the day starts with office work, depot work, order work.

      Darn! Only three cups of coffee so far. Food? Hmm. Dinner should do it, sometime. Chocolate bar must suffice for now.

      Hurry, hurry, hurry. So much to do, so little time!

      How do we not abuse our bodies with the stress of the daily rat race most of us are enslaved in? Will life ever change? Cycles stay the same.

      Originally it was Seasonal, now, for most humans with jobs it is Monthly cycles. With spring at payday and dead of winter just before. Ironic how life has changed and yet, not changed. Just working in different ways.

      Hit 8pm. Done enough for today. Dinner, shower, bed . . .     


Writing report for 25.04.2017:

Chlophilia Chapter 100 returned from Alpha reader - it is hitting all the correct notes and responses. Purrrfect! I am as delighted as she is with this one. Good job. Pat on my own shoulder.

Chlophilia Words edited/read through: 13,496 (wee hours of the morn)

Words written:  Books - ZIP, Office about 500



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