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 Upon Past Lives, Pottering, Living in the Now and Healing

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      I'm currently re-reading the last chapters of Engaging Chlophilia for my Alpha reader before sending it to her for first scrutiny. I came to the conclusion that whatever guided me to write the books in this order was the proper way of reminding me of my adventures.

      I am only now ready to face this part of my history. Grown up enough to make sense of it all. As I re-read I realize how far I have come in my own evolution of a Soul-Spirit and how finely tuned my experiences are in healing my whole Being.

      Would I have been able, as a human, captured in this body in this lifetime been able to handle these intense memories that had been troubling me for millennia if I had written them in chronological order?

      I honestly do not think I would have been able to. I needed to complete the first two Leilaka books first, in order to understand the next two Creata books.

      Some adventures were hidden so deeply, that they were only revealed for the books, needing digging and downloads to unlock these memories.

      But now I am glad this had been done. I am at peace. Finally.


      Pottering around with setting up new Blogs, adjusting websites, marketing in between everything, doing run-of-the-mill chores, organising Clan and schooling.  Replying to clients. Processing orders coming in.

      Thinking about tomorrow. What is needed, what is short, what must still be done for the daily survival of the flesh on this plane called Earth.

      Do I live in the present?

      I try.

      I do try, but I live in the past, the far past of my previous lives to bring them to this lifetime for myself to re-enjoy or deal with (mostly deal with) and for others to share in these private events.

      I live in the future, of what must still come to pass; so many scenario's flashing that I refuse to go there, retreating to the past where it is easier, concentrating on the new, the current of today.


      That brings us to healing. A healer can only assist when asked. If not asked for healing the individual is not ready for healing. And even when healing is initiated, the body is not always willing to co-operate. It is complicated and every scenario must be scrutinized and analyzed before healing is initiated.

      "Why do you not heal yourself all at once?" have been asked.

      I have dealt with this question before, several years ago before my original Blog platform was closed down (the reason I moved everything to my own website).

      The human body was not meant to be able to heal all at once. Besides, growing new limbs? Quite possible but not advised to do so. There are enough books written and films made on the why not's.

      Thus full healing all at once? Not publicly. It is already hard for many, especially those from the medical profession, to believe my NDE experiences and the healing of my scars. It is simply unbelievable that any 'substance' can assist burn scarring and keloids without medical or surgical intervention and chemical drugs.

      Bottom line, my healing is infused into whatever I do. I have long ago realized that keeping some of my scarring for future reference is the origin of many more discussions.

      Everything has its use and its place.


Writing Report:

Adjusting websites took up most of the day.

One chapter returned from my Alpha reader with comment: CHLOPHILIA - CHAPTER 99 ... feedback! Interesting chapter! I loved the Thomas/Sensaii 'appearance'! This little one is going to make life very exciting for Han, his daddy!

Words for 24.04.2017

Edited/read-through 3099 words

Write work/blogs approx 1000

Jays! And then readers ask why good books take so long to write and edit.


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