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#DailyGrind from The Chronicles of Han Storm (Sunday - 23 April 2017)

      I've been asked to start blogging again. You know, proper blogs on a daily basis if possible. People are curious creatures and want to know what happens in the lives of others.

      Having a hard time adjusting to 'life' as I've completed Chlophilia, a 285,000 word book on the 17th.

      My mind is still on the Creata adventure, knowing that I need to complete the pre-reads for my Alpha reader while waiting for her reply on chapters 99-100, but not feeling like re-reading.

      The editor tentatively started on Limier, telling me he likes the story but the translations are a mess. He battled bravely through a few pages, 700 more to go (and now Chlophilia is joining the stable).  

      Feelings, prevalent things at the moment. Day and night cycles turned around. Writing early morning hours and catching up with website adjustments. Body hurts as it sometimes do. Some scars are worse than others. Healing cycle again.

      Then Han Storm  sweeps me up and I type, type, type. Book 6 of the Creata adventure in the making. Stories untold, Kaleb wanting his story to continue with Leilaka. Return to Leilaka looming as well, so many sections already waiting to be completed.

      How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time.

      Ooooh! Sunday dinner is ready - cooked with love by hubby chef. I'll stuff myself and see what happens next.


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