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Know Thyself - Life Plan and Path Readings

(Individuals who had Near Death Experiences welcome as this alters your original path)

8-10 page detailed Life analysis using astrology, numerology, Akashic and Cosmic records

Would you like to know what you planned before incarnating? What did the Universe Promise you in this Lifetime?

This Reading will include the following:

·         Who you are supposed to be in this lifetime

·         What to build your life on

·         The advised direction to take

·         How to stabilize your behaviour patterns

·         Your planned aspirations and creativity (or lack thereof).

·         Your individual prescribed path, the road to take in life and your life destination.


What else?
Your personality traits will be explored, what your soul yearns for, what rules your destiny, karmic lessons and life challenges, as well as your current life cycle.


What is extra?
A name vibration analysis will be done
Health chart can be looked into on request
A Year Reading probability (next 12 months) can be facilitated on request


What is needed?
Birth Certificate Names and Surname (Maiden Name)
Current Names and Surname Used
Nicknames used if used frequently
Date Of Birth (day/month/year)
Time Of Birth if you have it or approximate time of birth.
NDEs will influence this reading so the date (and approximate time) of your last NDE if you had any


How will this information change your life?

When you know what you had planned, you have the freedom and right to change your plans in this current incarnation. You do not need to stay in the boxes and colour between the lines, you can get out and create your own future, if you wish to.

When you know your stars, it is not your duty to stay in the limitations allocated to you by birth, you do not need to do so any longer.

You may choose to become YourSelf in this lifetime.

This is what all these energetic changes, upgrades, opening up, are currently all about.

It is to live fully while consciously aware of being Unlimited Spirit incarnated in physical format.

This knowledge places the responsibility of growth and co-creation on the individual, thus it is not a reading that should be taken lightly, but only after serious contemplation.

Once you know, you will change. There is no going back. The awareness will be there.

If a gentler opening up, or a general escalation of growth and awareness is required, the Chronicles of Han Book Series does a similar function of assisting the Seeker in their searches for self-knowledge.

Even though the books are my own history, the vibrational influence is undeniably felt by all who read it and most of those who do give feedback state that they have grown within themselves while merely reading the books.

Kindest Regards

Email me to reserve your reading (limited space due to energy expenditure and time investment).


Price Frequently Asked Question by clients who do not yet know what I do and how I work:

Q - "Is this not a bit expensive?"

A - Regarding Price. This is for a full week spent on one individual. This is not your ordinary Life Path Reading but an in depth look at many aspects as well as consulting with your own spirit team and visiting the record halls. It takes physical time of 8-12 hour sessions and a detailed report is supplied on all information gathered, usually 10-18 pages. One can liken it to an instant course into getting to know yourself.

Are you ready for the change?

Contact me to discuss specific needs. I will quote accordingly.



Feedback / Reviews:

Not many clients give permission to share their feedback upon these Life Path Readings, for obvious reasons.
These are comments from Seekers I had the honour of assisting.
June 2018 - Angela Red River "My reading was absolutely Amazing."
00 Life Plan Path Reading Review Feedback H Gibson Metaphysical Spiritual Oracle


2010 - AJM Annatjie Jade Mithrya aka Annatjie Coetsee
"The single most profound turning point in my life. I will forever be grateful."
2007 - Pancras Schoonenberg, NLP Practitioner, Trans Medium Counsillor
"Even though I have my own Spiritual Team, I turned to you for an independent consultation, unclouded by myself or any of those who I channel regularly. This Cosmic reading is a private confirmation on many of the things I already knew. As my path is set before me, all I can do now is forgive myself for tasks that are not going to be completed, prepare, and leave this incarnation with as much dignity as I can muster. My friend, I will see you again on the other side. Much love. Pank"

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