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A question many seekers ask any 'practitioner' of any 'modality' is 'what do you do?"
Most individuals need to be able to put someone in a box or pigeonhole to be able to relate to them.
I can not answer this question as each seeker needs to hear, feel, see or experience a different answer.
This I can say to you. Do not seek the doctrine of others, but seek within the Self for all is already in the Self.
Modalities and techniques are but tools to be reminded of the True Self and to assist in finding YourSelf.
Teachers, Healers, Anamnestics, Wayshowers, Readers, Magi, and all others are but individuals set on your path for you to become your best Self.  
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People that are ready, come
People that are not ready, look or follow
People that do not want to learn or change, avoid
"I am what I need to be when I need to be it"
"You come, you learn, you leave and prosper"
These are the short answers I give when someone wishes to know why people come to see me or what exactly it is I "do".
As this has seemingly become and issue for individuals to sift through the bombardment of information available, clients have asked that I should elaborate a little bit.
"Counsellor of Counsellors, Healer of Healers, Teacher of Teachers.
Some say she is Nayakteale, Bringer of Hope.
Some claim her to be the Avatar of a Great and Special One.
She says she is but Catalyst for when you leave, you thrive." -
Bhakta-Anjana, Dec 2017

"As a good teacher stays in their post, assessing the potential of a student, unlocking it and sending the student forth to become all they should be, Han does the same, leaving the students to become the professors, doctors, healers of Body, Mind and Spirit." -
Ronald Gibson, Moderator of Chronicles of Han

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